League Stadium repairs coming soon


HUNTINGBURG — Overhang damage to League Stadium from high March winds will be repaired as soon as possible.

In the meantime, areas of seating below the overhangs are closed until the repairs are made.

“It’s bad,” Park Superintendent Larry Altstadt said Tuesday at a Huntingburg Park Board meeting. “We have to get this done before another major wind comes.”

The brow that hangs over the seats along the third-base side close to the field was torn off by the winds.

The brow that hangs over the seats along the first-base line has been loosened. The winds lifted the brow up and set it back down, Altstadt explained.

“It’s dangerous for anyone to be sitting there,” he said. “If another big wind comes up, that whole section could fall straight down.”

Because of that danger, the fix is considered an emergency. Seufert Construction will fix the brows because the company can do so soon, Altstadt said. So far, drawings have been done and the solution has been determined. The repair includes bolting the boards into the base using brackets, instead of using screws to connect the boards to each other.

The company will reinstall the brow along the third-base side. As far as the loosened brow along the first-base side, “they are going to try to repair it while it’s up,” Altstadt said.

The cost of the repairs is being calculated. Altstadt said all the repairs may not be covered by insurance.

“We are not putting this back into its original state” of using screws to connect the boards together,” he told the park board.

Seating under those damaged overhangs is closed to the public. Currently, the Southridge High School baseball team is playing at the stadium. Next month, the Dubois County Bombers will begin play.

The park board also:

• Heard that the disc golf course at Niehaus Park is being used a lot. The course was open for use in November. But with the warmer weather, activity has picked up on the course, Altstadt said.

• Was reminded that the first disc golf tournament, called the Niehaus Park Open, will be held on Saturday, April 27, which is the same day at the Garden Gate Jazz Festival. The Niehaus Park Open is a Professional Disc Golf Association-sanctioned tournament, and will mark the official opening of the course.

• Consented to Southridge Middle School using Huntingburg City Park during the afternoon of May 17 for a planned walk with students.

• Approved installing fencing between Old Town Hall and the Geiger Street property just south of the building. The property owner stated that people using the Old Town Hall for events like weddings have been going into his yard, Altstadt told the board. Eventually, fencing will be placed around the entire park, he said.

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