Kokomo barber saves customer

By The Associated Press

KOKOMO — A barber is being credited with saving the life of an 80-year-old customer who had a heart attack after a haircut.

Archie Whitton had asked his Kokomo barber, Jeff Smith, if he could use an outdoor spigot to add water to his car radiator last week.

Smith agreed but after a few minutes didn't see Whitton. He went outside and found him on the ground.

"I was praying under my breath and just going by what I had learned 30-something years ago on CPR when I’d taken a class somewhere,” Smith told the Kokomo Tribune. “You know how adrenaline is. In the moment, you’re not really thinking about it. You just do what you feel like needs to be done.”

It worked. A police officer with a machine took over before Whitton was rushed to a hospital.

“The doctor kept emphasizing that if Papaw hadn’t received CPR, he probably wouldn’t have made it,” granddaughter Shelby Hulka said.

Smith said he's not a hero.

“I was just doing what I hope someone would do for me if I was in the same circumstance," the barber said.

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