Column: Know more about the Jasper Chamber

By Jasper Chamber of Commerce
Guest Columnist

Spring is nearly here. Warm weather is tempting us every week. Birds are chirping and as you start to think about springing forward, we bet there are many things you did not know about the Jasper Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber has been a full-time “essential service business” in Dubois County through the past 66 years — and most assuredly during the year of 2020 and now as we move forward into 2021.

This letter is to let you know that our team has been available every day over the course of the past 12 months, working hard each day to provide assistance as our businesses live with challenges. We work very hard at the Jasper Chamber, constantly trying to think how best to market for our members, provide guidance, advocate for our members and the business community and provide networking opportunities.

The Jasper Chamber staff (Executive Director Nancy Eckerle and Office Manager Janet Beckman) and Board of Directors have worked diligently to obtain information (including details of state and federal COVID-19 assistance programs) and send it out to our members and the business community via e-mails, newsletters, physical mail, press releases, social media, using the objective “To Educate and Inform, but not Overload or Overwhelm.” The doors of our office at 302 W. Sixth St. never closed and we continue to be “The Source of Information and Education” for the entire business community in Dubois County.

Jasper and Dubois County are strong. We are resilient. Together we will continue to grow stronger, with more compassion and innovation than ever. We may not be able to control much of what is happening around us, but we can control how we come together as a community. Let’s continue to check in on one another — and support our local businesses — now and into the future.

No other organization represents the business community like a chamber of commerce. No other group balances the needs of the business community with the needs of the general community like a chamber of commerce, and the Jasper Chamber of Commerce does all of those things every day, right here in your own backyard.

The Jasper Chamber is a very active community and business organization and we welcome every business to be a member, to join the 400 other businesses that are already members, and to take advantage of the vast array of opportunities available. The Jasper Chamber continually seeks ways to provide excellent webinars and seminars to the businesses in this area. Through an outstanding partnership with the Indiana Small Business Development Center, we are able to provide many educational seminars, and with other partners, we plan and implement various programs through the year. Some of these are: educational workshops, networking and connecting, being informed about current events, listing on the chamber website, health screenings, legislative sessions, ribbon-cutting services, newsletter and communications on a regular basis, access to materials and resources, state and federal contacts, the Home Expo and more.

The Jasper Chamber is The Voice of Business in our area and we are here for you.

Feel free to call or stop in if you have questions. (302 W. Sixth St. or 812-482-6866) Thank You.

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