Knies has qualifications, experience for clerk office

To the editor:

This year, Dubois County has several important elections. This is an opportunity for voters to hire officials to serve the county. Voters should take time to interview the applicants.

Kiersten Knies, candidate for Dubois County Clerk, has the experience and qualifications to excel as clerk in a manner that best serves Dubois County.

The clerk’s primary responsibility is maintaining court records. Knies worked for Judge Wiekert and Judge Verkamp for six years in the Dubois County Circuit Court. Due to a rule that prohibits court employees from running for office, she resigned to run for clerk. Knies’s experience working for the court has equipped her with extensive knowledge of how the court operates and instilled in her solutions to improve the county processes.

Knies plans to improve the office by implementing Odyssey, a case management system that interfaces with other agencies and systems statewide. Currently, Dubois County is paying for Odyssey, but uses a different system at additional costs. Knies plans to swiftly transition the county to Odyssey which will improve communication and efficiency, allowing county employees to better serve its residents.

Another responsibility of the clerk is overseeing the election process. Knies acquired the skills necessary to implement and improve this task by being actively involved in current and past elections and serving as court reporter in election court cases in Dubois County. Knies holds two degrees from Indiana University, one in political science and one in sociology. Her education and experience ensure that Knies has the skill set to run a fair and accurate election.

The clerk works closely with many organizations responsible for the safety of the public. Knies understands the importance of clear communication and accurate processing of vital documents used to assist in keeping the residents of Dubois County safe.

As a life-long citizen of Dubois County, Knies is eager to serve all of its residents who she holds in high regard as neighbors, friends and family. Knies possesses the qualifications and experience to be your county clerk. Cast your vote for Knies on Nov. 6.

—Jason T. Schmitt

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