Kitchen fire displaces family north of Duff

Herald Staff Writer

DUFF — A family of four living north of Duff has been displaced temporarily by a Thursday evening kitchen fire.

Units of the Ireland Volunteer Fire Department were called to the Tim and Barb Hopf residence at 6528 W. 260S at 6:53 p.m.

Fire Chief Stan Seifert said Tim Hopf had started to heat a pan of grease on his stove. He went outside to attend to something, lost track of time and found the grease had burst into flames when he went back into the house.

“When we arrived on the scene he was spraying water into the kitchen to try to slow it down a little bit,” Seifert said.

The chief and another firefighter who were the first on the scene attacked what fire was left.
Seifert said the fire caused extensive damage to the kitchen and living room area on the brick home’s lower level and heavy smoke and heat damage to the upper level.

Firefighters used exhaust fans to draw smoke from inside the structure. Seifert said the kitchen had a drop ceiling, and insulation was sandwiched between it and the floor joists above.

“When we were mopping up,” Seifert said, “we pulled that insulation down to check for hot spots and the wood underneath looked like it was brand new. That’s good.”

The house is still structurally sound and most of its windows are intact, the chief said. He had not yet attached a dollar amount to the damage. He intended to go back to the scene to take photographs today and was waiting to talk with the Hopfs’ insurance agent.

The couple and two of their adult children who resided in the home indicated they had someplace else to stay, Seifert said. It is hoped that clothes in the upstairs closets will be OK after being laundered, the chief said.

Four trucks and 18 firefighters were on the scene for almost two hours. Memorial Hospital Emergency Medical Services assisted.

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