Kindergarten set for Northeast

Kindergarten enrollment for the 2020-21 school year will be held Tuesday, Feb. 4, at Dubois Elementary School. Kindergarten enrollment will begin at 6 p.m. in the cafeteria.

Except for students currently enrolled in the Northeast Dubois preschool program, parents will need to bring their child’s Social Security card as well as an original birth certificate indicating the child will be age 5 on or before Aug. 1. Immunization records also are required. School personnel will make copies of all of these records and will immediately return all originals. A student who has not yet completed the immunization requirements for school entry will be allowed to register; however, the child must be in compliance with state law by the opening of school in the fall.

Children who have not received two doses of varicella (chicken pox) vaccine, but has had the chicken pox disease, physician documentation is required as proof of immunity. This documentation should include the date and history of the chicken pox disease. Parents are to check with their health care provider to see if the child is in compliance.

This is an informational meeting for parents only. Children are not to attend.

For further information, contact Celestine Elementary School at 812-678-2777 or Dubois Elementary School at 812-678-3011.

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