Kimball donates furniture to mayor's office

From local sources

JASPER — Kimball Office and National Office Furniture have donated seating to Jasper Mayor Terry Seitz’s office and the mayoral suite’s administrative assistant and reception areas.

“The City of Jasper is a tremendous community and Kimball Office is quite proud to be headquartered here,” said Tom Heeke, Kimball Office’s director of human resources. “We know that Mayor Seitz will host a wide variety of individuals and couldn’t be more pleased that his visitors will be greeted by the craftsmanship and contemporary styles that are associated with Kimball Office and our product.”

The Kimball Office seating donated includes Itsa, Independence Hillsborough, and Independence Suffolk.  The National Office Furniture seating includes several pieces from their Arlington collection.

“The mayor’s office in Jasper City Hall often serves as the front door for guests in our community,” Seitz said. “It’s important for my office to represent our city at the highest levels and we are delighted to be able to have products from one of our signature manufacturers and employers to help us make a great first impression.”

“We’re very proud to have the opportunity to give back to a city and a community that supports our organization and our employees in so many meaningful ways,” said Kourtney Smith, vice president of marketing for National Office Furniture.

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