Kimball celebrates 70 years by giving back

By Herald Staff

JASPER — Seventy years ago, the Jasper Corporation was founded as a contract manufacturer of residential furniture and television cabinets, with a bold vision of growth and diversification. Through the decades, Jasper Corporation became Kimball International and expanded to over 15 cities across the nation, and four countries.

To celebrate the company’s 70th anniversary, Kimball International — headquartered in Jasper — is reflecting on key aspects that have helped the company grow and thrive through the years including employee growth and development, innovation, gratitude and community investment.

“We feel privileged to be a successful, transforming business, and as we celebrate our 70th anniversary, it’s the historic roots of our hometown that we are especially grateful for,” said Kristie Juster, chief executive officer. “Kimball International is committed to giving back to the communities where we live and serve, including Jasper, and we will continue investing in worthy causes to help make the future as bright as possible. Giving back to the community has always been important to our founders and continues to be a priority for today’s leadership.”

The Kimball International-Habig Foundation was founded by the Habig family to fund grants and programs that most directly benefit the communities where Kimball employees live and work. Over the years, Kimball International has donated nearly $13 million to various charities and projects and this year alone, has donated over $100,000 to such causes.

As Kimball International strives to make local communities better, and in honor of continued business since 1950, the Kimball International-Habig Foundation is donating $1,950 to Mentors for Youth, which was voted on by employees from a selection of local organizations.

“We’re proud to support a wide range of programs making a difference within our local communities,” said Lonnie Nicholson, chair of the Kimball International-Habig Foundation and Kimball International’s chief human resources officer. “Within the past year, the Foundation helped fund extra-curricular programs in schools, provided scholarships for students, money for food banks and other non-profits, and contributed to the realization of the Jasper Cultural Center set to open soon. Our company also makes in-kind donations of furniture to civic and non-profit organizations. We are committed to leaving a positive, lasting impact in the communities in which we operate and will continue to do so in the future.”

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