Kimball announces ‘Design Hack’ winner

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JASPER — Kimball, in partnership with Metropolis magazine, chose O2U as the winner of the Kimball Design Hack, a Smart Furniture Design Competition. The competition was open worldwide and received more than 120 submissions during the four-month competition with concepts that aimed to improve workplace satisfaction, comfort, engagement, health, wellness and well-being.

The winning concept brings nature into the workplace through a modular, smart gardening system. O2U can monitor the growth of small crops or plants, providing a maintenance-free way of integrating biophilic elements into the office while also improving air quality and providing healthy food options.

O2U won a minimum of $5,000 to be shared and a royalty of up to $25,000 if Kimball puts the concept into production.

Kimball is a brand unit of Kimball International Inc., which is headquartered in Jasper.

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