Kenny Krempp was also a talented tennis player

To the editor:

I was so sorry to hear that Kenny Krempp passed recently.

Something that was never mentioned about Kenny in the write-up was that he was one of the top tennis players in Jasper and Dubois County in the late ’40s to the mid ’50s. During that time, Kenny amassed a number of singles and doubles titles in city and county tournaments.

I remember watching him play, along with other greats of that era: Dave Newton, Denny Bell, Benny Sermersheim, Bob Sakel, Norb Alles, to name a few.

Kenny, like Denny Bell, was a natural. He had that effortless, fluid motion. One of Kenny’s trademarks was to juggle the balls before his first big serve. He had a strong all-around game, especially his serve and volley.

Kenny and Dave Newton had quite a rivalry, each winning a number of singles and doubles titles.

The year was 1953. My dad (Ab Weigel) and Kenny played for the Dubois County singles tennis title. It was on a Sunday evening. It was a best of five sets. It finally ended around 10 o’clock that night with Kenny winning the match. Kenny remarked as he left the Ninth Street tennis center tht he had to report to the U.S. Army that next morning.

I was a freshman at Jasper High School. I was so impressed. He had just played a long match and was going off to serve his country the next morning. Wow!

Kenny was just an all-around great guy! We are losing so many of them.

God speed, Kenny.

—Clark Weigel

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