Keeping Indiana’s hogs safe

If you are a local pork producer or ag supply business, the Indiana State Board of Animal Health would like to request your help in keeping our Indiana hogs safe by becoming involved with the “Securing Indiana’s Pork Supply” plan, a preparedness initiative that provides opportunities for pork producers to prepare before a potential disease outbreak.

Participation by our local family hog farms will better prepare swine operations that have no evidence of infection in maintaining business continuity during a Foreign Animal Disease (FAD) outbreak. This program is voluntary, but BOAH highly encourages all pork producers – from hobby swine enthusiasts to 4-H exhibitors to large-scale commercial producers - to consider participating! Even better yet – there’s no cost to participate.

Information for the program can be found by visiting the “Securing Indiana’s Pork Supply” webpage at , or by contacting Kelli Werling, DVM, Director, Swine Health, Indiana State Board of Animal Health. Cell: 317-607-7071, .

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