Keep supporting your local newspaper

To the editor:

I might just be a Millennial, so I’m supposed to enjoy my technology, but there’s something wonderful about grabbing a newspaper to read from time to time: the newsprint dying your fingers slightly and being able to physically turn the page.

Breaking news is either tweeted or threaded through a smart phone in this day and age. However, local journalism is unique! I love how connected, and even “old school” it makes me feel, the way it reflects the communities we live in — their interests, concerns and passions. I love the way it touches our lives and reminds us of how important our small and immediate world is.

The Herald's Saturday Feature is a weekly source of inspiration. You can learn to be resilient when you read about someone who bounced back from extreme adversity. When hearing of misfortunes, it reminds us to give back through fundraisers or benefits to support other human beings.

Community spirit is inherently part of human nature. Newspapers pay reporters and photographers and editors. Newspapers pay receptionists and payroll clerks and the people who design advertisements (so you don’t have to pay 100-percent of the cost). Newspapers pay the people who work the printing press and those who make sure the newspaper gets delivered to your house. And trust me, while newspapers pay all those people, none of the employees are getting rich.

A very dear and good friend of mine, Terry Hutchens, who worked for the Indianapolis Star as the IU beat writer for over 20 years and more recently at Community Newspaper Holding Inc. (CNHI), died unexpectedly in December. He always told me how I was very fortunate to have a newspaper in my local hometown that was actually owned by a local family. Another good friend, Mike Marot, who works for the Associated Press, always says “your town should be fortunate your local newspaper prints statewide stories and sports.”

Keep supporting your local newspaper. We are very blessed to have The Herald as our community newspaper. News is for everyone.

—Nicolle Cyrill

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