Keep in view what is happening behind the scenes

To the editor:

Trump's nonstop antics and gibberish provide the world with endless entertainment, but it's important to keep in view what he is actually doing behind the scenes.  For instance, his administration recently announced that it was rolling back the regulations regarding the emission of methane gas into the atmosphere, a move that went against recommendations of environmentalists and even the major methane players — Shell, BP and Exxon.

Mar-A-Lago just missed a direct hit by a Category 5 hurricane, but Trump appears not to understand or care that methane is one of the most potent greenhouse gases because of its ability to absorb heat in the Earth's atmosphere.  Most of that excess heat (90 percent) is absorbed by the oceans.  This heat causes seawater to expand in volume and sea levels to rise and storms to intensify.

According to a NASA November 30, 2007 publication  "methane's effect on warming the world's climate may be double what is currently thought.  The new interpretations reveal methane emissions may account for a whopping third of the climate warming from well-mixed greenhouse gases between the 1750s and today."

While antics and gibberish capture everyone's short term attention, the long term damage being caused by this president is unacceptable.

—Anne Tangeman

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