July brings above average rainfall


If you’ve traveled anywhere in Dubois County in the past week, there’s a good chance you’ve been caught in a rain shower at some point.

National Weather Service Louisville Meteorologist Ron Steve said July has been rainier than usual throughout Southern Indiana and surrounding areas but that the rainfall levels are nothing to worry about.

“It’s definitely above normal no matter how you slice it, but you look back earlier in the month and there was almost a week of completely dry weather,” he said. “That’s the thing about summertime in the Ohio River Valley is that our rain comes in bunches, and it’s really a feast or famine.”

Records in Huntingburg, which is the one location in Dubois County from which the National Weather Service receives regular reports, did not show above average rainfall this past week, Steve said. However, other nearby areas have received above average rainfall, so it’s likely that most of Southern Indiana has experienced the same, he said.

Patoka Lake has received 3.72 inches so far in July, which is above normal levels, Steve said. Louisville has received 4.64 inches, which is significantly higher than its average level of 1.92 inches. Bloomington has received 3.61 inches, whereas it receives 2.59 on average in July.

According to climate-data.org, the average rainfall in Jasper in July is 4 inches, which is rather average compared to the typically rainy months of April, May and June. The average temperature in Jasper in July is 78 degrees Fahrenheit, which is higher than any other month.

Some events around the county, such as hot air balloon rides at the 4-H fair, have been canceled over the past week due to rain. But no areas have reported flooding or damage due to rain, Steve said.

Many areas around the U.S. have experienced a historic heat wave in July, with some cities reaching 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Luckily, Dubois County has experienced comparatively mild heat so far, averaging 87 degrees and rarely reaching the low to mid-90s.

Those looking for a reprieve from the rain and heat are in luck, Steve said. There are some chances for rain over the weekend, particularly on Saturday, but the following week will return to normal.

“Once we get through the weekend, most of the week looks pretty dry with some slightly cooler nights, too,” he said. “So that’s something I’m sure some people will be looking forward to.”

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