JPD Chief: Be positive agents for change

To the editor:

With the arrest of two individuals responsible for vandalism in the City of Jasper, the Jasper Police Department wants to remind all citizens to express their viewpoints in a respectfully and responsible way. For example, the peaceful protest that occurred last weekend is a positive way to bring awareness to a cause without defacing or damaging someone’s property.

The police department would like to point out that the recent destruction of property and vandalism should in no way reflect a negative image on the peaceful protest that took place this past weekend around the Courthouse Square. It’s imperative that we do not judge a group of people as a whole, on the unlawful act of vandalism of a small group of people. Similarly, you should not judge all police officers, on the actions of one officer that acts improperly.

Please continue to be positive agents for change for your family, friends, neighbors, and community. Let’s continue to express ourselves in a way that encourages change without defacing property or violence. The City of Jasper and Dubois County are great places to live. We are striving to make Jasper a community that encourages everyone to express opinions in a positive and peaceful way.


Do what’s right!

Do your best!

Treat others like you want to be treated!

—Chief Nathan J. Schmitt
Jasper Police Department

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