Join us to rally against the Mid-States Corridor

To the editor:

Ninety seven years ago my grandpa bought a farm south of the Huntingburg airport. He and my grandma raised eight children on this farm. My son and his wife’s beautiful new daughter is now the fifth generation to live on and love this farm. It’s called the American Dream.

We now have politicians and businessmen turning dreams into nightmares.

Mayors, state representatives and a few businessmen think they know what’s best for us. They think a four-lane highway is more important than hundreds of people’s homes, businesses and farms. Apparently, attracting new people and businesses is more important than we are.

They need to walk every inch of the proposed routes, talk to families who’s land will be destroyed by concrete and hear their stories and fears over the loss of their homes and land. Rise at the crack of dawn with a farmer to milk cows, feed animals and pray to God for needed rain. Watch a sunset over the horizon of a field. Hop on a combine for a day and see the work it takes to bring in a harvest. Sweat their butts off while baling hay that feeds the animals.

They need to talk to the people in subdivisions, where neighborhoods could be completely wiped out. What if it spares their homes but instead is right next to them? Who wants to live right next to a four-lane highway?

Talk to each shop and store owner and listen to their fears about being by-passed, about losing their life savings if their businesses go under.

Until they do what we do and see what we will lose they have absolutely no business deciding what is best for us.

If they take our homes, where do we go? There is already a shortage of homes in Dubois county. The demand and costs of homes will go up dramatically. The costs are too great!

You may think this won’t affect you. I promise it will affect us all. Some just more than others.

Join us for a rally against the Mid-States Corridor on August 1, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Dubois County Courthouse. Wear masks, bring signs and water. T-shirts and a few yard signs will be available.

—Sheila Wendholt

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