Join us and save the country

To the editor:

Aristotle once observed, “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” We, the American people, must focus like never before. Our heritage, as a free people, dates back to the Magna Carta signing in 1215. That’s 800 years of progress we’re throwing away if we let the Democrats steal the re-election of President Trump!

With the cheating the Democrats pulled off, they took three million votes from our president and electronically flipped them over into the Biden/Harris column. This is the biggest electoral fraud in all of American history. If we let them get away with such blatant, dirty cheating, our ancestors for centuries will viscously curse our generation.

If we fail this once in a lifetime challenge, we will have failed America as no other generation has done before. I love America! I love freedom and the responsibilities and the opportunities America has to offer. I cherish religious freedom, freedom of speech, the right to assemble, and the right to defend ourselves with firearms. I love the fact that I had an opportunity, along with my deceased wife, to guide the lives of my three children and now that they and their spouses to guide the lives of my seven grandchildren.

The Progressive Black Lives Matter corporation had in its founding documents a goal of destroying the nuclear family. All that was America is being stolen from us in 2020. And it is being done by the Democratic Socialist Party. It was a party that betrayed Kennedy Democrats.

It is time for Patriots, of all stripes, to stand up for America and say enough is enough. Democrats can reform their party or they can join the Republican or Libertarian Party. Democrats whose policies are mostly concerned about social issues can become Libertarians. Democrats who are concerned mostly about small government and fiscal matters can become Republicans. It only took one-third of America’s founding generation, who had a passion for freedom and liberty, to break from the old and create a great nation.

Join us and save the country.

— Michael Lewinski

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