Jobs still being filled for 2020 Census count


As the 2020 Census count gets closer, the U.S. Census Bureau is still looking for part-time workers to fill jobs.

The bureau is especially looking for census takers, and has increased the pay rate for positions in Dubois County from $15 to $18.50 per hour.

“We’ve been collecting applications. Very soon we’ll start the hiring process,” said Tim Swarens, a U.S. Census Bureau media specialist for Indiana. “It’s a good way for people to supplement their income and serve their community.”

Census takers count people that do not respond to the 2020 Census online, by phone or by mail. In May, they will go to their residences to conduct the count.

The Census Bureau needs to hire about 500,000 census takers across the country in 2020. While he couldn’t say how many positions were available in Dubois County, Swarens said there are a lot.

“It’s fair to say there are still hundreds of jobs in southern Indiana to fill,” he said. “These are part-time jobs. It’s a great opportunity for people to earn some extra income. The hours are very flexible. If you want to work nights or weekends, the bureau can accommodate that.”

According to the bureau’s jobs website, 65% of the positions in Dubois County have been filled. The percentages for surrounding counties are 47.6% for Crawford, 58.2% for Daviess, 40.7% for Martin, 73.7% for Orange, 57.7% for Perry, 64.3% for Pike, 54.1% for Spencer and 75.5% for Warrick.

Indiana’s pay range for positions other than census taker has also increased. The per-hour pay depends on the position and location. For instance, there are bureau offices in Evansville, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis and the Lake County area that have positions; the pay range for those positions are $20.50 to $25 per hour.

“We are trying to gather as many applications we can,” Swarens said. “With the relatively strong economy and low unemployment rate, we are trying to hire. We have a big job to do, and we need a lot of people to help do that job. So we have to be flexible, based on the market.”

Applicants will be placed in an applicant pool for 2020 Census positions in which they qualify for as jobs become available in their area.

“The Census Bureau will contact those people they want to interview by phone or email, to start the employment process,” Swarens said.

He asked that people be patient if they have not yet heard back about their application. “We really do need to hire workers,” he said. “So we will do everything we can to contact people.”

Counts will start in remote areas of Alaska this month. In February, counts will be done at group quarters like college residence halls and nursing homes, “places where people are living in a group setting,” Swarens said.

In March, most people will get notices at their residence requesting that they take the census. They will be given the option of doing so online or over the phone. They will also be given the option to receive a paper form.

“There will be multiple notices,” Swarens said. “The paper form will come a little bit later. If they don’t complete it online or over the phone, then they will get a form in the mail.”

If people do not complete the census by May, census takers will then start visiting those residences to help them complete the form.

To apply for a position, visit or call 1-855-JOB-2020 (1-855-562-2020). For TTY/ASCII applicants, contact the Federal Relay Service at 1-800-877-8339.

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