Jasper's cleanliness applies to politics, too

To the editor:

I just participated in my first Republican Primary as a hopeful candidate for City Council in Jasper’s 3rd District. I was fortunate to win, and am honored to now be my party’s choice for that office. I thank those who supported me with time, talent, and treasure, those who prayed for me, and those who voted for me.

I congratulate my opponent, Merrill Osterman, on running a well-organized campaign, with a good message, and keeping it positive. I hope Merrill stays close to city government. He made me a better candidate, and he will help our city be a stronger city.

People have said time and again, how impressed they are with those of us who put ourselves on the line, who go out and invite the scrutiny of voters — to which I always humbly say thank you. But I’ve got to tell you, the people have been very kind and inviting. In fact, it’s been fun! 

Jasper has long been known as a clean city. I can attest to its cleanliness — from its neighborhoods, to its parks, to even its industry. And now we can add the city’s politics to that list. I would encourage anyone who has a desire to serve to consider running for public office. Of course, campaigning can be hard and time consuming. But our way of life depends on good people getting involved. Our government is only as good as the people elected to it, and the competition of ideas within it.

In going door to door, meeting with you, I’ve received an education, and have made many new friends. I’ve met three kinds of people in this process: Those whose families have been in Jasper for generations; those who have moved in for work, fell in love with Jasper, and stayed; and parents who followed their adult children who have moved here for work.

This tells me that Jasper is not only a great place to raise a family, but also a good place to retire. These are the people who make Jasper great!

—Chad Lueken
Candidate for Jasper City Council

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