Jasper woman pens first book of fantasy series


JASPER — Martina “Marti” Pfaff of Jasper, 48, may have dyslexia, but she didn’t let that stop her from writing a book.


Pfaff writes under the nom de plume Tina Lynn and published her first book, “Thunder Lake,” in April.

“I’ve always wanted to write,” Pfaff said. “As far back as I can remember, I’ve always said I wanted to write a book.”

“Thunder Lake” is the first book in a fantasy series for adults and teens that mixes magic, Greek mythology and monotheism.

With the popularity of the Harry Potter and Twilight franchises, Pfaff said she wondered what it would be like to add God to the story. Pfaff is a Christian herself, so the monotheism in her book has a Christian feel and includes evangelism, monks, demons and the angel Gabriel, but it’s not specifically Christian.

In the books, the monks follow the One God and work to bring the polytheistic main characters to belief in a single deity. The main characters, however, have magical powers stemming from the Greek deities Zeus, Hera, Hades and Poseidon. The series takes place in an alternate world that God created for magical beings and will culminate in the main characters converting to monotheism and a battle between good and evil.

So far, Pfaff has three of the at least five books in her series complete or in the works.

“Thunder Lake” is available on Amazon through Pfaff’s publisher, Pen It. The second book, “Juno,” is in the editing stage, and Pfaff is gearing up to write the third book, “Mars,” once “Juno” is published.

In “Thunder Lake,” Pfaff sets the scene and tells about the original four magical humans that gained their powers from Zeus, Hera, Hades and Poseidon, as well as a man named Warlock, a descendant of the original four. “Juno” and “Mars” tell the stories of two more descendants.

As for the last two books, that depends on how “Mars” turns out. Pfaff keeps a general outline of the story in her head, but as she writes, the characters often make choices that alter the story Pfaff planned to write.

“The characters are coming alive in my head,” she said.

Pfaff doesn’t tend to write notes about her characters or the storyline. Since she has dyslexia, it’s easier to just keep it all in her head. When she writes, she keeps her phone handy so she can look up how to spell words she doesn’t know. Spell check and her phone’s talk-to-text program help, too.

“I type it, and if I don’t know how to spell it, I’ll ask my phone,” she said.

Pfaff started off writing fan fiction — stories based on the characters of popular movies, TV shows and books that are written by fans — and published some stories online as a hobby throughout her life. Then her husband, Jason, convinced her that she could write her own story and realize her dream of publishing a book. She started writing “Thunder Lake” in 2014, and it hit the market in April 2017. “Juno” took about a year to write.

Pfaff currently works full time at Jasper Engines and writes on the weekends. Eventually, she’d like to write full time.

“I don’t want to get my hopes up to make a lot of money,” she said. “Just enough to be comfortable.”

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