Jasper Strassenfest results

Kaiti Sullivan/The Herald
Amy Thiel of Columbus competes in the stein-holding contest during Jasper Strassenfest on Thursday.

From Local Sources

JASPER — These are the results of events that took place during the Strassenfest, which was Thursday through Sunday of last week. Results for some events have not yet been reported.

Adult golf

Friday: first, Phil Ruhe, Ben Schmidt, Brett Smith and Ryan Niehaus (60); second, Chris Klein, Jim Lansford, Jane Bell and Bonnie Egler (56); third, Mitchell Huebner, Matt Mendel, Matt Kuper and Jay Neuhoff (57); fourth, Luke Woolems, Larry Wineinger, Greg Wineinger and Cody Ziegler (58); fifth, Ron Kunkel, Rob Bingham, Andy Bingham and Brad Bingham (58); sixth, Jeff Sanders, Ron Schitter, Butch Schitter and Kody Schitter (58); seventh, John Park, Bailey Collins, Shaun Collins and Melissa Collins (58); eighth, Aaron Rasche, Branden Voegerl, Casey Rasche and Chad Uebelhor (59); ninth, Tad Luebbehusen, Gary Van Winkle, Glenn Luebbehusen and Casey Van Winkle (59). Closest to pin: Luke Woolems.

Saturday morning: first, Andy Jones, Chris Jones, Troy Burnus and Rich Donner (52); second, Dr. Terry Brown, Gary Corbin, Len Eckert and Mike Schitter (53); third, Aaron Stenftenagel, Mike O’Brien, Kord O’Brien and Eric Dall (54); fourth, Scott Foy, Dwight Slocum, Wes Moser and Geoff Stallwood; fifth, Phil Ruhe, Ryan Niehaus, Brent Schuler and Jimmy Corbin (56); sixth, Jim Schroeder, Kim Schroeder, Kurt Schroeder and Keith Schroeder (56); seventh, Matt Kuper, Mitch Huebner, Max Mendel and Griffin Brown; eighth, Rob Gutgsell, Jay Hopf, Eric Evans and Gill Weinel; ninth, Jason Ahlbrand, Chris Vogler, Alex Simmons and Phil Kendall; tenth, Caleb Williams, Courtland Betz, Jacob Seibert and Eric McDougal (57). Closest to pin: Eric Evans.

Saturday afternoon: first, Mike Smith, Brad Leidolf, Ben Davis and Jeff Beach (54); second, Jacob Kiefer, Ron Schitter, Jeff Sanders and Greg Wineinger (56); third, Charlie Schroeder, Aaron Berg, Scott Berg and Dean Blessinger (56); fourth, Mike Cassidy, Ryan Heim, Andy Schroeder and Boomer Philbreck (57); fifth, Jason Hulsman, Larry Schmidt, Mitch Hilbert and David Hilbert (58); sixth, Andy Jones, Chris Jones, Julie Jones and Sharon Jones (61); seventh, Chris Klein, Stan Klein, Jim Lansford and Ben Krapf (62); eighth, Jeremy Schaeffer, Gerald Schaeffer, Steve Casper and Don Casper (62). Closest to pin: Heidi Eckerle.

Sunday morning: first, Jimmy Ziegler, Ian Weyer, Brian T. and Michael Bies (55); second, Scott Yarbrough, Marc Wigand, Brian Siebert and Greg Greulich (56); third, Logan Rasche, Bernie Rasche, Emil Schroering and N. Schroering (56); fourth, Mike Kluesner, Gerald Schaeffer, Jim Knust and Larry Holtzman (56); fifth, Travis Mundy, Joe Buck, Cody Ziegler and Matt Eyler (57); sixth, Jay Neuhoff, Mitchell Huebner, Ryan Brames and Kyle Elliott (57); seventh, Jason Schipp, Seth Payne, Kody Schitter and Jacob Brockman (57); eighth, Mike Collins, George Begle, Andy Hartings and Deff Steinhart (58). Closest to pin: Jimmy Bales.


Best time: first, Laura Witte, Brock Moeller, Amanda Fleck, Veronica Voegerl and Andrew Helming (2:34:22); second, Brandi Hellman and Neil Hellman (2:36:27).

Best decorations: Ambra Bohnenkemper, Sara Gerber, Lisa Bower and Brooke Sanders.

Baby photos

Winners and their parents: first, Evelyn Hand, child of Evan and Amie Hand; second, Otis Leibering, child of Shane and Leslie Leibering; third, Juliette Henke, child of Terry and Brooklyn Henke; Jeremy Thomas, child of Taylor Smith; Noelle Rottet, child of Devin and Leah Rottet; Naomi Lee, child of Angel Lee; seventh, Joel Hanselman, child of Nathan and Bridget Hanselman; Amelia Krempp, child of Alex and Brittney Krempp; ninth, Asher and Nora Brinson, children of Ennco and Kelsey Brinson; 10th, Dawson Sims, child of Derek and Jenna Sims; 11th, Reid Hulsman, child of Evan and Brittany Hulsman; 12th, Gunner Weitkamp, child of Trevor Weitkamp and Alyssa McKee; 13th, Brynlee Fleck, child of Brian and Missy Fleck; 14th, Booker Buse, child of Cody and Jessica Buse; 15th, Alexis McLemore, child of Mike McLemore and Amber Knies.

Car show

Best of show: Larry Fredrick.

People’s choice: Mike and Mel Oeding.

Best GM: Darren Wildman.

Best Ford: Bard Hulsman.

Best Mopar: Gary Beadles.

Best import: Ed Walston.

Best diesel: Brad Merkley.

Best lifted: Kody Morgan.

Best 4x4: Glenn G. Wilmes.

Best lowered: John Madison.

Best vintage: Tom Poe.

Top 10 (Pre-2000): Jim Emily, Gerald and Kim Scott, Bart Jarbo, Aaron and Kelly Huff, Gerald Kuebler, Jim Thewes, Tom Boehm, Chris and Beth Waltz, Mike and Mel Oeding and George Opel.

Top 10 (2000 and newer): Jeff and Debbie Johnson, Sonda and Randy Simpson, Steve and Rita Henke, Scott Chapman, Richard Mehling, Mel Olson, Terry Miller and Scott Kuebler.

Chili cookoff

Chili: first, Knock the Worst Chili with Mark Buechlein, Jason Pieper, Matt Weinzapfel and Chad Kieffner; second, Portersville Boys with Brent Wening, Craig Denu and Dan Denu.

Hamburger: Portersville Boys with Brent Wening, Craig Denu and Dan Denu.

People’s Choice Chili: Knock the Worst Chili.


Pro division: first, “In for the Win” with Mick Hochgesang and Kile Brown; second, D&M, Mike Harrison and Dan Deisher.

Amateur division: first, Chicken Sallad with Dallas Lueken and Blake Danzer.


Middle school division: The Dodge-Ballers with Tori Hemmerlein, Addie Dart, Thomas Seger, A.J. Hulsman, Brayden Giesler and Caleb Schnarr.

Elementary (grades three to five) division: The 6 Dodging Amigos with Katelyn Young, Campbell Lichlyter, Riley Foy, Kasen Kendall, Tanner Young and Tate Rogers.

Elementary (grades kindergarten through two) division: The Second Grade Sizzlers with Braylon Beach, Grant Corbin, Bryor Schroeder, Hunter Erny, Kellen Brosmer, Hadlynn Schwenk and Piper Seng.

Drive-in bike show

Antique class (1979-1994): first, Steve Fischer; second, Sylvester Voegerl.

Classic class (1995-2000): first, Steve Pancake; second, Jeff Mullis.

Modern class (2001-2012): first, Gus Ferguson; second, Bryon Schneider.

Teenager class (2013-2019): Stan Meyer; second, Stacy Reuber.

Drive-in Jeep show

2007-present: first, Bart Jennings; second, Shannon and Amanda Potts.

Willys: Gene Kieffner.

Wrangler (1996-2004): Scott Egloff.

CJ-5: Matt Johnson.

Guitar pull

Winners: first, Kevin Charles Fuhs; second, Devin Sorrells; third, Nathan Richardson.


Light category: first, Mitch Mathias; second, Troy Wolfe; third, Justin Rumbach.

Wheat category: first, Curtis Hall; second, Neil Planty.

Amber category: first, Justin Rumbach, second, Kenny Lucas; third, Neil Planty.

Hoppy catetory: first, Kenny Lucas; second Troy Wolfe; third, Andrew Houchins.

Dark category: first, Justin Rumbach; second, Troy Wolfe.

Speciality category: first, Kent Tadlock; second, Eric Curtis; third, Ian Grant.

Imperial category: first, Andrew Houchins; second, Ian Grant; third, Neal Planty.

Best of show: Kent Tadlock.

Homebrewer of the Year: Justin Rumbach.


Hoosier division: Caroline Burris and Eli Hartings.

Hoopster division: Victoria Gunselman and Cohen Klem.

Junior varsity division: Abby Jones and Reese Fischer.

Varsity division: Maddy Jones and Michael Buechler.

Adult division: Corinna Aberuane.

Golden division: Sonia Klem and Leo Gugerty.

Log sawing

Grand champion: No Sympathy.

Women’s division: first, No Sympathy with Claire Boyd and Julie Discus; second, No Sympthany Needed with Kristi Adams and Danielle Betz.

Men’s division: first, Angry Beavers, Mark Block and Nathan Block; second, Erny Bros. with Jayme Erny and Brandon Erny.

Kiddie tractor pull

30 to 45 pounds: first, Carlie Haase; second, Joyce Wening; third, Kaden Roth; fourth, Quintin Kleaving.

46 to 60 pounds: first, Preston Kleaving; second, Karsen Roth; third, Quinn Weidenbenner; fourth, Quinten Knies.

61 to 75 pounds: first, Reid Mehringer; second, Braydon Fromme; third, Jaxon Leidgen; fourth, Layn Wehr.

76 to 95 pounds: first, Kendall Racicot; second, Grant Wehr; third, Belle Griffith; fourth, Liam Goeppner.


Age 4: first, Henry Knies; second, Cora Hulsman; third, Madison Kieser.

Age 5: first, Carys Voegerl; second, Parker Frick; third, Brandon Kieser.

Age 6: first, Jaxon Lubenow; second, Braden Wehr; third, Colleen Pfister.

Age 7: first, Roan Heichelbech; second, Luke Erhart; third, Sam Schaefer.

Grand prize winner: Brooklyn Hulsman.


Miss Strassenfest: Lydia Shepherd; first runner-up, Sara Carpenter; second runner-up, Kereygn Masterson; Miss Photogenic, Sara Carpenter; Miss Congeniality, Grace Truesdale.

Junior Miss: Lilly Rasche; first runner-up, Caroline Hanneman; second runner-up, Zoey Birkle; Miss Photogenic, Zoey Birkle; Miss Congeniality, Lilly Rasche.

Little Miss: Vivienne Gunselman; first runner-up, Maggie Hanneman; second runner-up, Emmy Schaefer; German attire, Kenleigh Racicot.

Little Mister: Liam Goeppner; first runner-up, Grant Voegerl; second runner-up, Abe Hoffman; German attire; Liam Goeppner.


Strassenfest Award: Hoosier Hills Credit Union. Honorable mentions: Strassenfest Little Miss and Mister and Servus.

Heart Warming Award: Freedom Reins Therapeutic Riding Center. Honorable mentions: Red Hats & Purple Chaps, Sandi Bair’s Miniature Horses & Friends and Dance Central Academy of Performing Arts.

Community Award: Jasper Wildcat Football Team. Honorable mention: Knights of Columbus Council 1584.

Chairman’s Award: Gudorf Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical. Honorable mentions: Best Home Furnishings, Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center, Bob Luegers Buick GMC, Professional Eyecare Associates and Eyewear Design, and Days Inn by Wyndham.

Parade Marshal’s Award: Re/Max Local with Mentors for Youth. Honorable mentions: Labor Day Association and Debra Corn Foster Care.

Best Shrine Unit: Hiram’s Hotrods. Honorable mention: Hadi Shriners of Evansville.

Pet parade

Best Strassenfest attire: first, Lila Schmitt with Archie; second, Kelly Davis with Lizzie; third, Sadie Sitzman with Lucky.

Most unusual pet: Ellie and Nathan Taves with Simba; second, Kendall Raciot with Mr. Archie Pickle Potato; third, Adalyn Welp with Melvin and Monte.

Best trained: first, Amilia Marinin with Minnie; second, Victoria Gunselman with Moxie; third, Cohen Werne, Jack.

Plein air painting

Winners: first, Curt Stanfield; second, Barb McCullough; third, Gary Beazley.


Winners: first, Ruth Margarita; second, Herb Welp; third, Leroy Bleemel; fourth, Joe Sander; fifth, Jim Hochgesang; sixth, Vernie Tretter; seventh, Jerry Wilz; eighth, Diane Gress.


Winners: first, Chloe Lueken; second, Amy Kavanaugh; third, Addison Randolph.

Trike race

Ages 3 and 4: first, Jalyn Eckert; second, Fitz Schaeffer; third, Harper Peterson.

Ages 5 and 6: first, Lennon Erny; second, Ethan Schmidt; third, Kaiden Roth.

Ages 7 and 8: first, Karsen Roth; second, Peyton Warner; third, Nicholas Wilheming.


Overall: Ryan Cash, 15:48.7, and Tara Cassidy, 18:46.6.

Male — ages 10 and younger: first, Griffin Downes, 23.37.4; second, Caleb McCain, 25:56.8; third, Elliott Rowling, 26:08.7. Ages 11 to 14: first, Jaryn Weinel, 18:06.7; second, Harrison Hulsman, 18:21.1; third, Leo Eckman, 20:10.9. Ages 15 to 19: first, Jackson Miller, 16:39.5; second Abe Eckman, 16:53.4; third, Drew O’Neil, 17:14.0. Ages 20 to 24: first, Cale Kilian, 15:53.2; second, Chase Bland, 15:53.6; third, Tristan Backer, 18:23.8. Ages 25 to 29: first, Kory Voegerl, 17:27.7; second, Nick Mehringer, 20:19.8; third, Alex Hernandez, 21:59.2. Ages 30 to 34: first, Jeremy Schaeffer, 20:20.6; second, Andrew Kieffner, 23:12.6; third, Matt Ernst, 24:44.0. Ages 35 to 39: first, Matt Rasche, 18:42.1; second, Boomer Philbrick, 19:30.5; third, Kyle Brames, 20:11.6. Ages 40 to 44: first, Eric Kasten, 21:41.7; second, Brandon Schafer, 23:56.6; third, Jason Nord, 24:08.7. Ages 45 to 49: first, Mark Sutton, 21:40.8; second, Doug Wiseman, 22:13.3; third, Miguel Sanchez, 24:14.5. Ages 50 to 54: first, Mark Durno, 20:27.4; second, Joe Schitter, 22:47.6; third, Scott Pauw, 23:18.9. Ages 55 to 59: first, Glen Schepers, 21:52.7; second, Rory Cazzy Gallagher, 22:08.5; third, Larry Kluemper, 24:10.7. Ages 60 to 64: first, Kurt Voelkel Uebelhor, 22:54.6; second, Willie Kluemper, 24:54.7; third, John Birge, 26:01.4. Ages 65 to 69: first, John Kluemper, 25:28.3; second, Wesley Ruiz, 28:25.2; third, Kent Reyling, 28:40.4. Ages 70 and over: first, Gary Burress, 38:41.4; second, Leo Striegel, 46:51.6.

Women — ages 10 and under: first, Kaitlyn Leigh, 28:50.8; second, Addy Jahn, 32:59.7; third, Avery Adams, 34.25.9. Ages 11 to 14: first, Tori Hemmerlein, 21:14.3; second, Jordan Schweikarth, 21:42. 4; third, Kathryn McCoy, 22:19.3. Ages 15 to 19: first, Natalie Graber, 19:21.1; second, Andi Vanmeter, 19:49.0; third, Maggie Falater, 20:23.4. Ages 20 to 24: first, Jennifer Schepers, 23:28.9; second, Lydia Shepherd, 24:19.7; third, Megan McCann, 24:25.6. Ages 25 to 29: first, Tabitha Hunter, 27:34.9; second, Katlynne Dills, 29:00.4; third, Samantha Heeke, 29:39.2. Ages 30 to 34: first, Leah Seigel, 20:46.3; second, Mandy Schaeffer, 22:59.7; third, Lora Gofus, 23:56.7. Ages 33 to 39: first, Rachel Reckelhoff, 21:25.8; second, Cassie Heile, 22:29.2; third, Emily Werner, 23:46.4. Ages 40 to 44: first, Jen Werner, 22:39.3; second, Michelle Vanmeter, 25:27.5; third, Denise Buechler, 27:22.9. Ages 45 to 49: first, Tara Eckman, 22:21.7; second, Leslie Guy, 29:23.1; third, Gretchen Herbaugh, 30:38.2. Ages 50 to 54: first, Melanie Krueger, 22:49.1; second, Vicky O’Brien, 25:41.4; third, Melissa Osterman, 25:52.9. Ages 55 to 59: first, Rita Uebelhor, 22:50.2; second, Sharrie Niehaus, 32:09.0; third, Joyce Schwartz, 34:02.5. Ages 60 to 64: Carolyn Hilsmeyer, 36:41.9. Ages 65 to 69: Theresa Singer, 37:00.1. Ages 70 and over; first, Eileen Lowery, 36:30.9; second, Lelanie Wittwer, 38:57.7; third, Dee Sanders, 50:02.6.

Stein holding

Thursday, Marla Englert and Heath Messier; Friday, Bridgette Hart and Steve Greirson; and Saturday, Trace Price and Aaron Boggs.

Chicken dance

Thursday, Lori Vonderheide; Friday, Scott Gilley; and Saturday, Kris Hochmeister.


Thursday, Leo Eckerle and Henrietta Harder; Friday, Kristy Fritz and Gene Luebbehusen; and Saturday, Caleb and Rachel (last names were not provided).

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