Jasper should quit being penny wise, pound foolish

To the editor:

It seems that the City of Jasper came up with a money-saving idea recently when it was decided to discontinue sending city calendars to citizens each year. The city has since come up with a reasonable solution by making calendars available and not mailing them to everyone.

May I say, “Wow!” The city buys the property behind the power plant for $315,000 and gives $200,000 toward the AutoPlex property. That, by the way, was a vote on a motion by Councilman Kevin Manley who never should have voted on this issue in the first place since he is on the board of the Redevelop Old Jasper Action Coalition. (Conflict of interest?)

Also, the reason the AutoPlex property had to be purchased was because plans for German American Boulevard called for it to encroach on AutoPlex property — and construction was underway. The owner had ROJAC “over a barrel” and could demand $250,000 for what is basically a quarter-acre lot. Wow, when did property in Jasper reach $1 million an acre?

This does make the former Jasper Country Club property seem like a bargain, doesn’t it? And the Greater Jasper School Board seems entitled to the prime part of that property?  Why? Where’s the money? With all the cuts in budgets, why would the school board even consider this? And better yet, why should the best part of this property go to the school?

The city needs to stop being penny wise and pound foolish and remember to do things for the taxpayers and be fiscally responsible.

—Mark Hopster

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