Jasper pool issues safety reminders for parents

JASPER — The Jasper Municipal Swimming Pool is issuing a safety announcement reminder for parents dropping off their kids at the pool or for any children who walk to the pool on their own.
Parents are reminded to provide sunscreen for children if they are swimming for a few hours and that children also have essentials with them, including an emergency contact number, a towel and anything else required for water safety. The pool is responsible for ensuring children are safe on the deck and in the water, but cannot provide sunscreen, towels, life jackets and toys. Pool officials ask that children 6 and younger be accompanied by an adult. Parents are also asked that if they drop their children off at the pool and they stay until closing, that they be picked up promptly at 7 p.m. (regular closing time), at 9 p.m. after pool parties, or 10 p.m. at Twilight Swims on Wednesdays. Pool managers will do their best to make sure the children are safe before they leave, but are rarely able to stay longer after closing for the evening. The pool reminds guests that they do their best to ensure children’s safety when they swim and ask for the support and cooperation of parents to help in the endeavor.

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