Officers shoot aggressive dog after complaint

From Local Sources

JASPER — Officers were forced to shoot an aggressive, black and white, pit bull-type dog in Jasper today.

The Jasper Police Department received a complaint around 12:40 p.m. from Wooden Keg Liquors about an aggressive, black and white pit bull-type dog running at-large.

An officer and a deputy with the Dubois County Sheriff’s Department went to the liquor store and upon their arrival, they were advised that the dog had returned to its Hilary Drive home.

The officers went to that location and attempted to make contact with the homeowner. After knocking on the door, it opened, a black and white pit bull-type dog ran out the door, and the door was slammed behind the dog.

The dog ran toward one of the officers in an alleged aggressive manner — snarling and barking — and lunged at the officer. In fear of getting bit, officers shot the dog to stop its aggressive advance.

The dog died from its injuries.

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