Jasper native is all about small businesses


JASPER — Jasper native Brittany Becher, 32, loves small businesses.


After graduating from Jasper High School, Becher went to Indiana University in Bloomington to study marketing. After college, she moved around working in marketing departments in large and small companies before founding her own small marketing business a few years ago.

She and her husband, Barry Dunlop, moved to Jasper two years ago to be near Becher’s family, and the couple co-owns Brew in Jasper with Josh Premuda. Becher also co-owns Scoop Industries, a small marketing and business development company, with her business partner, Maggie Patterson of Canada. Scoop Industries employs four people full time and serves clients from all over the world via the internet.

One arm of Scoop Industries, Small Business Boss, focuses on helping clients grow and develop all parts of their businesses, and the podcast was recently listed as one of the six best podcasts for female entrepreneurs by Influencive.

Simply put, Becher cannot get enough of small businesses. The Herald talked to Becher about her passion for small businesses and her work at Scoop Industries. The following has been edited for brevity and clarity.

You’re clearly passionate about small businesses. What is it about them that interests you?
I wasn’t always this way. I grew up in a small town, and I wanted to go to as big a place as I could. I really wanted that bigger experience. After college I got a job working for a really big marketing company. I think world-wide they have like 50,000 employees. So I worked in a big office, and to me, Cincinnati was a big enough city. I liked working for that big company. I worked there for about five years or so, and then I went to a smaller company. And then a smaller company. I just went to progressively smaller companies. Then when I got to Chicago, I managed a yoga studio for a while. Working with them and managing that was kind of my first taste of what a small business atmosphere could look like, and I really enjoyed it. I like the intimacy of it. I like knowing names and not just being a number. I like not being on a conference call with somebody, and you don’t know their name or what they do. And I like the nimbleness of a smaller company. If you want to get something done, you can get it done a lot faster than when you’re working with a bigger company with multiple departments. And the flexibility it provides. I can’t deny that that’s a huge benefit.

Tell me about Scoop Industries.
We have an umbrella company called Scoop Industries. Underneath that we have Scoop Studios which is our marketing company. We work with service business providers and small to midsize companies essentially doing their digital marketing. We focus on content creation and the technology of what it takes to put everything online. From websites to blogs to email marketing, we essentially act as a marketing department. The other arm of our business is our brand Small Business Boss. We work with service business owners there as well, but more in a mentoring and strategic business standpoint. So how to find your clients, how to book your clients, how to wow them, how to continue to grow your service business.  

What makes Small Business Boss different?
There’s a lot of resources out there for people that want to build these magical overnight successes. Oh, I’m going to sell a course or a book and make my money. That’s really not what we focus on. We focus on the practicality and unpredictability of a service business and what that helps people achieve. We have a lot of practical advice, and we have our podcast which we’ve been doing for about two years now. We have our Masterminds class where clients work with us for a year, and they get a lot of hands on support. And we also have a ton of free resources in our blog and our YouTube channel so people can get the information they need when they need it.

What made you guys decide to launch Small Business Boss?
I’ve been in marketing my whole career. That’s what I went to school for, and I went into marketing after that. I’ve been in client services my entire time. When I started on my own, working with a lot of my clients, I was behind the scenes. There’s a hole in the market in online space in regards to people that are using the internet to run a business, but doing it in a practical way where they need to pull out a viable income to make their life work.  (Patterson) and I are very much rooted in practicality around how do you actually make this work. There’s a lot of fake dreams being sold online. Like, make $1 million on a boat and run your business from a laptop on the beach. And sure, you can maybe do that, but that’s not actually what it takes to make a business run and be able to pull income for the business to be successful, to grow and to serve clients well.

Between myself and (Patterson), we have over 25 years in the service industry, so a lot of our clients were coming to us for marketing, but then they were asking questions like “How do I find more clients?” Or “How do I work on invoicing my clients in a better way? How do I grow my business? How do I start hiring people?” They were asking lots of questions about the nuts and bolts of how a structure is set up, so it was for a lot of our marketing clients, but it opened up a lot of new avenues as well. It provides a platform for service business owners to get the advice they need to build their business.

How did you and Patterson meet?
We kind of joke that we met on the powers of the internet. We were both in a Facebook group for business owners looking for support. We ended up working together on a lot of projects for our separate businesses, and we had a lot of mutual clients. What I was wanting to grow and what she was wanting grow were similar, so we decided to partner up and offer our services under one agency umbrella instead of both building separately.

What’s coming up for Scoop Industries?
Right now we’re filling up our Mastermind class for 2018. It’s a 12-month program where we work with small business owners on achieving their goals. It’s through a lot of training and hot seats, and we do a lot of one-on-one training. This will be our fifth time, and it’s been really successful. It’s one of my favorite things to work on. We also have our membership site, which is a much lower engagement, but you get access to online trainings, videos, a Facebook group and resources to help you grow your service business. And one of the things we’re focusing on for 2018 is being a bit more visible. We’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes for the last few years, so I’ve got to eat my own cooking, you know? I would rather be behind my computer, but just getting out there more. In 2018, we’re making a big effort to go full throttle with Small Business Boss. We’ve been at it for a couple years, and people love it. We want it to reach more people.

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