Jasper Holdings announces record share price

By Herald Staff

JASPER — Associate-Owner shareholders of the Jasper Holdings Inc. Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), were presented Thursday with some news. Jasper Holdings Inc. Chairman/CEO Doug Bawel announced a new all-time record price of $559.80 per share.

“This is up $83.50 per share over our previous record,” Bawel said. He went on to explain, “a total of 36,354 new shares were distributed, bringing the total ESOP value allocated to shareholders to over $209 Million since its inception in 2009.”

Bawel shared, “Our ESOP has truly been a gamechanger for our Associate-Owners in their retirement strategy. We have a total of 2,630 active Associate-Shareholders today; 705 of those have greater than $100,000 in stock, and 1,209, or 46%, have greater than $50,000.”

“This is all in addition to our matching 401k retirement plan, which has over $245 Million invested,” he said.

“Today, our market capitalization is in excess of $806 Million, a $121 Million increase over 2019. Simply unbelievable!” Bawel told Associate-Owners. “Our JASPER family has been truly blessed by our customers in so many ways this past year, and we need to continue to earn their business.”

He added, “Let’s make sure we stay focused on what is in our control; a never-ending commitment to improvements in Safety, Quality, Productivity, Customer Service, and Reduction of Waste.”

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