Jasper coworking space ‘all about convenience’


JASPER — You’ll soon be able to assemble for meetings, grab a bite to eat and have your car picked up for a car wash or oil change — all under one Jasper roof.

Those services will come via LivewireCW, a coworking space that falls under the Cash Waggner & Associates umbrella. The facility is currently taking shape on the second floor of the old JOFCO factory building at the corner of East 13th and Vine streets.

Livewire — which will one day cover 9,500 square feet — is set to open either the first or second week of June.

“A lot of our clients have mentioned they wish they had a remote workspace rather than staying cooped up in a hotel, so that got us to thinking,” Nathan Waggner, vice president of Cash Waggner & Associates, said in a press release. “This space will not only serve that purpose, but will create the opportunity for a small business owner or an individual to have their needs met.”

When operations begin, Livewire will host six offices, a cafe and bistro, open desk seating and a lounge area. Within the next six months, the business will also house a venue space that will seat up to 200 people, as well as a conference room that can fit about 15 people comfortably.

Free Wi-Fi and paid printing and copying services will be available at the site, and the facility will also act as a hub of sorts, where vehicles and clothes can be picked up or dropped off for automotive work and dry-cleaning services.

“We just really wanted to feature the benefits,” said Morgan Thewes, who will manage the location. “And help people that are working from home. Or anyone that has been renting from a space — this is really gonna cut out their overhead costs.”

She continued: “It’s all about convenience. And we want people to feel like they can come here, and feel motivated in that they can collaborate with others and network.”

For those wondering: like other coworking spaces, Livewire will be open and available to anyone who wants to drop by. Inside, business-independent individuals can feel comfortable working within a space of other like-minded individuals, Thewes wrote in a followup email.

“Whether needing to write reports, organize an event, conduct a presentation, or engage in corporate committee, Livewire can allow you to achieve a proper work-life balance, without the overhead expenses,” the press release reads.

Members will be able to reserve the site’s various workspaces online. Membership prices vary by level, duration and space. Tiers include one-day, drop-in visits; a part-time membership that allows use of the site daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; and a full-time membership that includes 24/7 access to the facility.

Livewire will foster a “shared community-driven location for an independent worker,” Thewes explained.

“They’re not gonna just be a customer, they’re gonna be an active part of it,” she said.

She hopes to host monthly event nights for locals launching new products, as well as other networking gatherings. She said her company wants to work with Current Blend — a similar coworking space in Huntingburg — and not against them.

Thewes believes a Jasper coworking space is needed.

“There’s about 5,000 people that commute to this area each work week,” she said. “People are constantly traveling here all the time for work, and if they just need a space to sit down or have a meeting with someone for a day, we’ll have it ready for them.”

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