Full Out cheerleaders headed to nationals

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Briley Moser, 11, of Bedford, left, and Emmah Frye, 13, of Lawrenceville, are lifted by teammates during the Full Out Tumble and Cheer junior team practice at their gym in Jasper on Tuesday. The team will compete in the NCA All-Star Nationalscompetition in Dallas, Texas, for the first time this weekend.


JASPER — This weekend, Jasper cheerleading teams will compete in the biggest cheerleading contest.

Full Out Tumble and Cheer will send two squads to Dallas for the NCA All-Star Nationals competition, which runs Friday through Sunday.

Despite what you may believe, the sport of cheerleading is incredibly cutthroat and insanely competitive. This weekend’s contest will feature the most elite talent the sport has to offer.

Still, the local cheerleaders have a real chance of leaving victorious.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we do come out on the top,” said Corbyn, a 17-year-old Full Out cheerleader. “But with that being said, anything can happen in those 2 minutes and 30 seconds that we are competing.”

Emmah Frye, 13, of Lawrenceville, is lifted by teammates during the Full Out Tumble and Cheer junior team practice at their gym in Jasper on Tuesday.

The upcoming event — which is part of the Varsity All Star Triple Crown Championship — is set to host more than 30,105 spectators; 25,322 athletes; 3,000 coaches; and 1,418 teams from 45 states and eight countries.

Jade Lyon, owner and coach of Full Out Tumble and Cheer, explained that Texas is like the “holy grail of all cheerleading.” Full Out has been training cheerleaders for nearly a decade to get them to this point — the point at which they could attend the worldwide contest and have a shot at winning.

“Every year, we have been working to get our kids and athletes ready to go to these kind of caliber events,” Jade said. “When I opened 10 years ago, there were no local competitive cheerleading programs around.”

Back when Full Out launched in 2010, Jade inherited cheerleaders from an area organization that had recently shut down. The majority of the kids who were with Jade in the beginning, however, had never cheered before. Many of the cheerleaders that will make the trip to Dallas have been honing the craft with her since the business’ doors first opened.

In recent years, teams from Full Out have placed nationally in other big contests. Dallas is the next stop in their evolution.

“Savag3” will compete in the Junior 3 Medium division, which includes kids between the ages of 8 and 15. Members are Abby Tower, Sterling Lyon, Adyson Cornejo, Alexis Yeskie, Annie Aiman, Carrie Ann Myers, Audrey Hall, Ava Hall, Briley Moser, Chloe Driggs, Taylor Morgan, Emmah Frye, Ellie Smith, Amia Kempf, Giana Kempf, Bella Blakey, Jasmyn Lorey, Jocelynne Calderon, Briana Barrix, Lexie Fuhrman, Izabella Gingerich, Molly Lyle and Shea Smith. Coaches are Jade, Rick Lyon and Amber Limones.

“Lady Legit” will compete in the Senior Medium 4.2 division, which is made up of cheerleaders between the ages of 12 and 18. Members are Corbyn, Hyla Friedman, Ashley Ashby, Jordan Bauer, Alyssa Lynch, Maggie Jones, Audra Deel, Taylan Rominger, Lauryn Beaty, Ellie Hall, Kyra Craft, Lexi Brinksneider, Jasye Thompson, Brooke Dobson, Adyson Cornejo, Abby Tower, Emmah Frye, Molly Lyle, Makinley Bonesteele, Ellie Blue, Annie Aiman, Kayla Toby and Abigail Bringar. Coaches are Rick, Jade and Elisha Foster.

Sterling Lyon, 9, and Giana Kempf, 10, both of Jasper, take a moment to themselves before rehearsing their routine during the Full Out Tumble and Cheer junior team practice at their gym in Jasper on Tuesday.

Jade explained that to be on successful teams, many of the cheerleaders have to give up other sports to dedicate time to the year-round competitions, which take up about six hours each week. Some practice even more.
“I don’t know that you’ll meet any tougher athletes, mentally or physically, than All-Star cheerleaders,” Jade said.

They have to condition their minds and bodies to withstand intense pain, all while keeping a positive attitude. On top of being in excellent shape, they also need to be flexible — and not just physically.

For example, one of the organization’s cheerleaders broke her hand last week, and the team had to rework its entire routine and bring a new member into the mix to make it work.

“You can’t go into any [competition] without these kind of small problems,” Jade said. “They happen. Almost every weekend, you’ve got a kid that is sick that is competing. And they never complain. Ever.”

Some have gone on to cheer at Division One colleges. That trend will continue later this year, when Corbyn moves to West Lafayette and begins her career with the Purdue University cheerleading squad.

Even after they perform their last routine, Jade said the lessons the kids learn through the sport will guide them in life. They are tough. They are mentally strong. They understand self-discipline, and they also know how to work well as part of a team.

“I think that it really does guide me,” Corbyn said of the sport. “And I think it makes me feel that I’ll always have a family wherever I go. To be a part of a cheer team. Because growing at Full Out here, I have met so many new people, and each one of them has become a part of my family.

She continued: “And now that I have to leave them to go on to college, joining a different team will help me have another family, I think. And I couldn’t imagine my life without it, just because I need something more than school.”

The Full Out Tumble and Cheer junior team practices at their gym in Jasper on Tuesday.
The Full Out Tumble and Cheer junior team practices at their gym in Jasper on Tuesday.

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