It's time to think about helping others

To the editor:

This Thanksgiving we all need to the take time to sit back and relax and be thankful for the many things we have been blessed with. In addition, we also need to remember those who depend on us to get them through the tight spots in their lives. In the daily political fights you can have here in letters to the editor, or with friends and family, we cannot forget those who, at this moment, need our help.

In a government system that recognizes and supports the rights of the individual and the liberty that goes with it, that means you can succeed or fail on your own. That can be a tough thing when you are down but the founders foresaw this and that is why Benjamin Franklin wrote about the government being formed on the foundation of Judeo-Christian beliefs. It is from God’s love for us that we are supposed to step in and be good neighbors to those who are hurting to get them over the hump until they can get their feet underneath them again.

So, look for a chance to get involved and help out the next six weeks of the holiday season. Check out Volunteer Dubois County (, talk to your church leaders to get a group out doing something or just ask a neighbor if he needs some help. We will have plenty of time to debate politics over the next year, as we have multiple topics like the $36.9 million (an increase of $200,000 in 2012) in tax reserves the county has on top of the $35.2 million that Jasper and Huntingburg have stored away, too, Obamacare imploding around us, the marriage amendment, Interstate 67, who to vote for, etc. For now and until the end of the year, give thanks for the blessings given to you by God and then bless others with that gift by remembering your neighbors and helping them.

—Adrian Engelberth

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