It's time for us to speak and politicians to listen

To the editor:

I’m a Michigan guy that quickly became an Indiana guy after high school. Indiana University was the catalyst. My baseball career started there and so did the label — Hoosier.

I met my wife my sophomore year. I remember the first time I came to visit her family. The drive was pretty normal for me, hop on State Road 37 and head south. But I realized I had never really traveled south of Bloomington towards Jasper. Winding roads, rolling hills and farmland stretched the entire trip.

We arrived and I was immediately intrigued that her parents created their own little fortress in the middle of a cornfield. I remember thinking I want to have something just like that one day. We moved a few times after that but once I took my current job, it was time to settle down. We wanted the quiet and the calm. We now have our land, a creek, surrounding woods — our fortress.

Two months after purchasing our home, we found out that one of the Mid-States Corridor routes will destroy it. I was furious. I thought the county and the people within it valued the land, resources and the beauty that comes with it. I moved here because of all the things my wife said about this place. I can tell you that this entire corridor has made me doubt how Indiana governs its people.

Businessmen in office don’t work when that allows manipulation of power for their gain.

I can tell you that we will not buy another place in this county. We don’t have to live here, we chose to. This place is unique because it hasn’t allowed big business to destroy it. People like me moved here because we didn’t want the “growth” that these business owners and politicians are pushing.

Anyone that knows me knows I don’t talk a lot, I listen. However, it’s time to speak and I tell those in elected positions it’s time to listen. Remember that the very people that elected you in your districts can also take your title.

—Kevin Mahar

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