It's like the fire department trying to fight a year's worth of fires

To the editor:

Recently I’ve heard famous and not so famous people comparing COVID-19 deaths to those from car crashes, cancers, heart disease, etc. They seem to be making the argument to minimize the impact of Covid deaths and perhaps even let the pandemic play out since the number of deaths is much smaller than other common causes.

Since Covid is contagious and develops hot spots, a big problem is that it can overwhelm the healthcare system, especially if no mitigating measures are taken. So, the total number of deaths is important, but just as challenging is that the outbreaks are concentrated in time and location. It’s like the fire department trying to fight a year's worth of fires all at once. I assume most everyone knows this, but some thinking appears to be pretty reckless.

In just a few weeks it seems the virus went from 0 to 100 (peak). When we open up, do you think we will be starting from zero? Unlikely, I think. With this virus head start and behaving normally, how long would it take to be in bad shape again, even with some having immunity? I understand the economic issue, and that’s why we won’t wait for a vaccine; it just takes too long. Experts are advising testing, testing, testing. They must know the virus will still be with us, even with a gradual reopening.

I think we should follow the health experts’ recommendations regarding a gradual phased process with ample testing and mitigation or we could be in a worse mess.

I so much appreciate the doctors, nurses and the entire healthcare system. Their dedication and expertise are amazing. Please follow the health experts’ guidelines and help them. Some are dying for us.

—Dwight Slocum

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