Is Trump thinking about next business venture?

To the editor:

Watch The Donald until next January, especially if his party is unable to manufacture an Electoral College win for him. Ask yourself if he looks like he is trying for an honest victory or working to restore public trust in the besieged underpinnings of our democracy. Is he trying to help or unite the country? Ask yourself if he is instead continuing to generate audience share for his next business venture.

Don Jr. and a partner have offered to buy the conspiracy peddling OANN TV network, whose paltry advertising revenue is draining its owner’s pocket. Anyone with billions can fund a political propaganda “news” network, as Rupert Murdoch has done on three continents to the detriment of all. But Murdoch has lately been critical of botched leadership in the White House. There can be only one response.

Think: Trump TV Network.

In addition to feeding his self absorbed need for adulation, essential for The Donald will be that he can do his Trump TV broadcast appearances remotely, from the safety of a non-extradition country. Watch his psychotic cult leader behavior, pay attention, and try to judge what he is really up to in coming weeks.

If his current production is renewed by the Electoral College, the screwball dictator will arise, emboldened, for an additional 208 weeks and your life, livelihood, health and security will not escape his wrath.

As the votes are being counted and certified, after you-know-who orders the domestic terrorists off of standby, after presidential lies have topped 25,000, the divisive, inflammatory, factbare radical right TV, radio, internet and social media will still be buzzing away and gobbling up profits. Having piggybacked onto and cannibalized a decades old media ecosystem, orchestrating a nine year marketing of his racist brand to achieve worldwide infamy, the star of the show’s inner P.T. Barnum will not allow him to stop performing. Psychotic cult leader histrionics with a hateful message are the coin of the realm in right wing media. In government, as in legitimate business, such behavior at the highest level is perilous and certain to cause disaster.

— David Dudine

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