Is it too much to ask to wear a mask?

To the editor:

This letter is to the poor people who feel oppressed by being asked to wear a mask during this pandemic. It's an attack on your individual freedom, you say. Oh boo hoo! Some of us don't want to get sick and possibly die, especially seniors like me, and your wearing a mask can help us stay alive. Is that too much to ask? Let me give you an applicable history lesson.

One of the few advantages of being as old as I am is that I remember a time when Americans weren't such crybabies, in particular during World War II. Back then you could buy only a limited amount of certain essential items, i.e. sugar, coffee, meat, gasoline, tires, and lots of others because they were needed for our troops. The government issued books of ration stamps based on your individual family’s needs to make sure you complied. You could buy only two gallons of gas a week! Imagine that. If you complained or protested, that made you suspicious ... maybe you were trying to help our enemies.

We're in a worldwide war once again, only the bullets in this one are microscopic in size. The enemy is invisible but it is everywhere, not on a distant battlefield. If wearing a small piece of cloth on your face when you're in public can save someone's life, what's wrong with that? It might also save your own life. Wearing a mask is only being a good neighbor, so stop the crybaby nonsense. I have no use for your selfish hissy fits. We've won huge fights before, but it took everybody pulling together for the common good to accomplish that. So, if you're tired of this pandemic and want life to go back to normal with our society wide open again, then do your part and stop whining! In the name of my two beloved cousins who have died of COVID-19, and other family and friends who have suffered but recovered, please help fight this fight. We really are all in this together.

— Maggie Birge

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