Ireland fills in for Jefferson Twp. during Fireman’s Ball

From Local Sources

OTWELL — Members of the Ireland Volunteer Fire Department responded to the report of a chimney flue fire Saturday evening in Otwell.

The Pike County community receives fire protection from the Jefferson Township Volunteer Fire Department but members of that department, based in Otwell, were holding their annual Fireman’s Ball at the Huntingburg Event Center on Saturday.

Arrangements had been made for Ireland’s fire department to be on stand-by should there be a run, said Ireland Chief Stan Seifert.

Jefferson Township Assistant Chief Roger Young expounded, saying those arrangements called for Ireland to cover any callout in the Otwell area and for the Petersburg Volunteer Fire Department to handle anything on the western side of the Jefferson Township service territory.

The report of a flue fire at the mixed commercial/residential structure at McKinley Street and State Road 257 in Otwell came in at 7:36 p.m.

Seifert said Jefferson Township Chief Chris Young immediately called to ensure Seifert was aware of the call. Seifert answered in the affirmative and assured Young that Ireland trucks and units of the Petersburg Volunteer Fire Department were on the way.

Roger Young, the current chief’s father, said it was the first time in 35 years that there had been a fire run on the night of the Fireman’s Ball.

The resident at the McKinley Street location in Otwell had walked back to a garage space at the rear of the residence and discovered there had been a chimney flue malfunction. Heat from a wood stove had started to char wood but the occupant used a garden hose to put out the fire, according to Seifert.

Firefighters arrived for mop-up duty, according to Seifert, and pulled out some ceiling elements and insulation to ensure there were no hot spots.

Two trucks and six firefighters were on the scene for an hour.

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