Ireland announces St. Patrick’s Celebration winners

Girl Scouts throw out candy during the St. Patrick's Celebration Parade in Ireland on Sunday. Kayla Renie/The Herald

From local sources

IRELAND — The Ireland St. Patrick’s Celebration was held last weekend. Winners of the contests have been announced.

Button design
Winner: Ava Harmon

Winners: first, Mike Eckert; second, Ed Meyer; third, Rick Stenftenagel; fourth, Bob Grewe; fifth, Bob Walt.

Home Lighting Contest
Winners: first, Mike and Carol Schmitt; second, Frannie Leinenbach; third, Mark and Kelli Gehlhausen.

Ireland Historical Society Scavenger Hunt
Winners: first, Bart Schmitt; second, Gabby Schmitt.

Irish O’Ducky Pond
Winners: heat No. 1, Ella Leinenbach; heat No. 2, Gracie Davis; final, Tyler Schmitt.

Irish Trot
Winners: male overall, Kory Voelkel; female overall, Kylee Weisheit; ages 19 and under, Korden Felter and Elise Lampert; 20-29, Gibson Goodness and Jennifer Schepers; 30-39, Jeff Ricker and Tara Schnaus; 40-49, Kyle Jahn and Amy Fetter; 50-59, Keith Bartley and Shelly Main; 60-69, Kurt Voelkel and Karen Mathias; and 70 and above, Leo Striegel and Eileen Lampert Lowery.

Little Miss Shamrock pageant
Winners: Little Miss Shamrock, Sophia Oddo; first runner-up, Lily Schnarr; second runner-up, Claire Terwiske; Best Irish Attire, Charlotte Hoffman; and People’s Choice, Ava Greenwell.

Little Mister Shamrock pageant
Winners: Little Mr. Shamrock, Jett Sermersheim; first runner-up, Spencer Oddo; second runner-up, Jase Jackle.

Mayor of the Day
Winner: Ted Bartley.

Best Irish theme: Dubois County Republicans.
Most enthusiastic: The Ivy Manor
Walkers: first, Girl Scouts; second, Ireland Knights of Columbus.
Walking and vehicles: first, Hutson’s; second, Ireland Fire Department; third, German American Bank.
Floats: first, The Ivy Manor; second, Strassenfest; third, Tom’s Lawn & Garden; fourth, Seufert Construction; fifth, Brescher Landscaping.
Horses: first, Washington Saddle Club; second, Little Chiefs.
Antique vehicle: first, Ray Harris; second, Sam Schwenk, Mayor for a Day float.

St. Patty’s Bake-Off
Kids division: first, Lane Leinenbach;, second, Corde Leinenbach.\
Men’s pie division: first, Keith Eckert; second, Tony Hoffman.
Cookies and bars: first, B & B Weisheit; second, Debbie Wickman.
Pies: first, Kathy Rinderknecht; second, Lauren Popp.
Cakes and cupcakes: first, Becky Weisheit; second, Marlene Truesdale.

St. Paddy Whack (Rock, Paper, Scissors)
Winners: first, Mark Brescher; second, Kurt Brescher; third, Kayla Eisenhut; fourth, Karen Pieper; fifth, John Truesdale.

Tator Tot photo contest
Winners: first, Emma Brosmer, daughter of Bill and Marissa Brosmer; second, Lyndi Neukam, daughter of Kyle and Samantha Neukam; third, Reece Wagner, daughter of Travis and Janessa Wagner.

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