Sexual misconduct added to dentist's criminal counts

Alan and Aimee Friz


A Huntingburg dentist taken into custody last week and preliminarily accused of neglect and criminal confinement was formerly charged with 26 criminal counts Monday, including four felony counts of sexual misconduct with a minor, 11 felony counts of neglect, and 11 felony counts of criminal confinement.

His wife is also facing 11 felony counts of neglect and 11 felony counts of criminal confinement.

Those formal charges were read into the record and bonds were set Monday for Alan P. Friz, 57, and his wife, Aimee Friz, 36, both of 5275 W Co Rd 700 S.

Both were taken into custody last week after the Dubois County Sheriff’s Department was called at 10:40 a.m. Wednesday to the report of an unruly juvenile at the family home.

During an interview with the juvenile, she alleged she had been locked at times in a cage. When authorities allegedly located a closet area of a bedroom that was found to have been converted into a lockable cage, Alan Friz was taken into custody that day on preliminary confinement and neglect charges.

The dentist was initially taken to court Thursday, at which time authorities noticed Aimee Friz outside the courthouse. At that time, she was also taken into custody on the same preliminary charges.

The Dubois County Prosecutor’s Office then asked for the couple’s initial appearance to be continued for 72 hours.

Alan Friz was brought into Dubois Circuit Court at 11:42 a.m. Monday to continue his initial appearance. Minutes later, as Judge Nathan Verkamp began reviewing his charges, Friz appeared to go unresponsive while seated in a chair next to Jasper Attorney Timothy Demotte. Officers and jail security personnel came to his aid, patted Friz to revive him and asked him basic questions, which he appeared to answer.

Authorities indicated he declined to be transported to the hospital after being checked out by EMTs. He and Aimee Friz later appeared separately for initial hearings that were concluded Monday.

During those separate court appearances, Prosecutor Anthony Quinn requested the court deviate from the normal bond schedule given the nature and gravity of the alleged offenses and the funds possibly available to the defendants. Quinn sought a $100,000 bond for Alan Friz and a $50,000 bond for Aimee Friz.

The latter’s counsel, Tell City Attorney Michael Hagedorn, said his client was 8 1/2 months pregnant, had no criminal history and would not have the sufficient resources to post such a high proposed bond. Demotte also cited his client’s lifetime of residency in Dubois County and lack of criminal history in requesting a lesser bond.

Verkamp set the cash-only bonds for the couple at $10,000 for Aimee Friz and $25,000 for Alan Friz. Both were ordered to have no contact with the juvenile victim. An additional condition of the bonds for each required that they not leave the state and appear for all future court dates.

Both were still lodged in the Dubois County Security Center this morning. They are due back in court Nov. 9 for separate preliminary hearings.

A probable cause affidavit filed Monday along with Alan Friz’s formal charges noted a second forensic interview that occurred with the victim Friday in which she alleged being improperly touched by Alan Friz multiple times.

According to court documents, the alleged sexual misconduct at the center of the charges occurred between Sept. 1 and 30 and included inappropriate touching. The juvenile alleged Alan Friz touched her breasts on multiple occasions and she said that every time he hugged her, he touched her breast. The juvenile cited other occasions when he allegedly touched her inappropriately while she was in the shower, in her bedroom and in the cage.

The affidavit indicates an investigating officer concluded the juvenile victim had been confined to the enclosed closet space on a nightly basis since at least the beginning of September. The officer alleged the victim was deprived of food, water and sanitary facilities while locked in the enclosed space.

The family’s other children were removed Wednesday and placed in the care of the Dubois County Office of Family and Children Services, according to the sheriff’s department.

Court documents indicate Aimee has told authorities she and Alan Friz worried about the juvenile’s behavior.

Aimee allegedly told authorities the juvenile had made the comment of killing her (Aimee’s) unborn child and killing her as well, according to court documents.

Court documents indicated Alan Friz told authorities the juvenile had been locked up at night for her safety. He allegedly stated that the juvenile had made threats about killing his wife and the baby. He also allegedly said he feared the juvenile could get out and harm the other children.

The charges against the couple are Level 5 and Level 6 felonies. The penalty for a Level 5 felony is a term of incarceration of six years maximum down to one year minimum and a fine of up to $10,000. The penalty for a Level 6 felony is a term of incarceration of two and a half years maximum down to six months minimum and, once again, a fine of up to $10,000.

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