Indy businesses seek grants for virus safeguards

By The Associated Press

INDIANAPOLIS — Small Indianapolis businesses are being urged to round up receipts for a grant program that will reimburse eligible companies in the state capital for protective equipment to help them reopen safely amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Mayor Joe Hogsett announced the $5 million program earlier this month when he unveiled the city's plans to begin easing its pandemic restrictions. He released additional details last week about the RESTART Grant Program, which is intended for businesses with 150 or fewer employees.

The program is being administered in a partnership with the Indy Chamber and will reimburse qualifying businesses up to $5,000 on purchases of protective equipment.

Hogsett said the city's stay-at-home order and other public health policies aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus are saving lives, but “have also created hardships for local businesses."

“Through the RESTART Grant Program, we will lessen the burden on our small business community as they equip themselves to protect both their employees and their customers," he said in a statement.

The grants will reimburse purchase of items including face masks, face shields and disinfectant products purchased between May 1 and June 8. It can also be used for capital improvements such as signage, partitions and other changes intended to reduce the spread of the virus.

Reimbursements will be distributed starting the week of June 8, pending final authorization.

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