INDOT begins springtime operations

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Contracted crews with the Indiana Department of Transportation are scheduled to begin 2020 mowing, litter pickup and herbicide application later this month and into early May.

INDOT says the operations will take place throughout the spring and summer along Indiana's more than 11,200 miles of state roads.

INDOT performs mowing to maximize safety, improve sight distance and manage roadside vegetation. Crews are required to mow 15 feet from the edge of the paved roadway, including around signs, guardrails and cable barriers.

Litter pickup includes removal of trash and debris in state right of way. Last year, over 8,500 tons of litter was picked up along state roads. This effort is also supported through other INDOT programs, including Adopt-a-Highway and Sponsor-a-Highway.

Herbicide application helps INDOT combat invasive species and noxious weeds along state roadways. Selective types of herbicide are applied to specific sections of right-of-way to aid in roadside management between mowing cycles. Application timelines are set to reduce impact on nearby crops and allow for development of desirable vegetation.

INDOT says motorists should watch for possible lane and shoulder closures along state routes as crews perform roadside management activities. Drivers should slow down, move over and avoid distractions as they encounter active crews.

INDOT maintains more than 60,000 acres along Indiana's highways.

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