If the Mid-States Corridor is built, the idea of 'home' is gone

To the editor:

Mid-States Corridor…hmm? I’ve asked myself this question many times, and I’m trying to be unbiased, to understand the business perspective and general community member, even though our family farm is at stake.

In my business perspective, I see the chance to save money and time. By having an easier way to connect to Interstate 64 or 69 would save money and time, even though both interstates are not that far away. It could also create jobs by having a quicker way to connect to local businesses. However, I ask, how much money and how much time would be saved? As for possibly creating jobs, Dubois County has one of the lowest jobless rates in the state, 2.7% (January 2020, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, FRED).

As a community member, I cringe thinking how our community would be divided not just physically by having a corridor cut it in half, but how it would affect the beauty of our community and the people socially and emotionally.

We live in a safe and beautiful area, which enhances our mental and physical health. It relaxes people and brings families together. If a corridor is built, all of this will cease because people and families will not feel safe.

A few weeks ago, I was listening to WITZ’s LIVE at 7:05. The gentleman being interviewed was from Huntingburg. He was discussing how Dubois County, specifically Huntingburg, needs to focus on families and keeping them here in the area. One of the last comments he stated, that has stuck with me is, when people were asked why they came to Dubois County, specifically Huntingburg, the people answered, “It feels like home.”

If a corridor is built, “home” is gone. For some physically, others socially and emotionally.

Mid-States Corridor…hmm? Is this truly the only option? Have other ideas been explored and exhausted to help “improve” our community? From where I’m standing, I don’t think so. Our beautiful community, the people and our sense of home will be destroyed and for what, a few extra dollars and a little bit of time.

—Valerie Small

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