If the bulldozers start pushing dirt, it will be too late

To the editor:

This is a quick note to any and all that would hate to lose their houses, woods or land to the Mid-States Corridor project. It's also for anyone that is not losing their land or peace and quiet to theMid-States Corridor, but would hate to see nature get screwed over worse than it already has and would hate to have more noise and air pollution in our area.

Your only chance to stop the corridor project is for everyone to get organized in a very big way and start writing lots of letters to people in power, as well as clogging up meetings, protesting outside the offices and houses of those that are building the corridor. And get loud and noisy environmental and animal rights groups involved that can file papers in courts and organize people.

If all you do is write a letter to a newspaper, put a little sign in your yard and show up at a meeting where farmer Joe Bob talks in sentimental tones about his pig farm, those bulldozers will mow you down flat. They are coming. It is a done deal unless you raise fourteen kinds of hell.

It will do no good to protest once the dozers are pushing dirt and dozing down woods and houses. You better get organized fast and get very loud and active way before they start pushing dirt. If people are easy pushovers, then the dozers will be pushing over the trees and houses soon enough.

I have talked to farm owners whose houses and land are in the path of destruction who have not even heard of the Mid-States Corridor. So, it is clear to me that those who oppose it are not making a big enough splash or effort to turn the tide of coming destruction. If you oppose it, you had better stomp your foot on the gas pedal hard and do not let up until the end.

—Shane Zoglman

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