If Congress doesn't do their job, kick them out

To the Editor:

I am very disappointed and disturbed about our Congress in Washington as I’m sure many others are. Also, their lack of performance at doing their job is atrocious.

Seems like Pelosi and Schumer are out to get Trump and don’t care about doing their job. Of course, Pelosi and her husband are multi-millionaires over and don’t care about the American people and their constituents. Last week, she went on vacation to Hawaii and this past week to Puerto Rico. Congress did not work. That shows how much they care. Of course, most Congressmen only work part time making big money and can retire in two years with five-figure incomes with full insurance.

It’s truly sad that they cannot sit down and negotiate about our immigration situation. Pelosi and Schumer gave Obama $150 billion trying to buy off Iran, which has not worked, but can’t give $5 billion to build a barrier to control immigration.

It’s time they do their job and let us not forget Trump has done more in 2 1/2 years than other presidents have in the last 30 years with regard to economics, unions and unemployment. Pelosi, Schumer and Congress need to work together and care about the American people that are not getting their checks and start doing their jobs. If they don’t, kick them out.

—Stanley S. Schnell

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