Letter: Icon? More like an eyesore

To the editor:

The dictionary defines the word icon as “a person or thing regarded as a symbol of a belief, nation, community, or cultural movement.”  With that stated, a giant tub of popcorn serving as an icon to this community is an altogether asinine concept. This is not the birthplace of Orville Redenbacher!

Erecting this eyesore at one of the busiest intersections in the county is not and never will be iconic to this community. Examples of icons to Jasper, Indiana would be the roll-top desk, the Strassenfest, Alvin C. Ruxer, etc.

The city’s sign ordinance is in place to keep overstated and gaudy signage from dotting the landscape of this fine town. Wednesday evening the Jasper Board of Zoning Appeals failed to uphold this simple duty.

Of the three board members that voted in favor of the variance, none of them would consider this exemption to a rule, that should have no gray areas, had the issue of topic been proposed in close proximity to their home.

Perhaps at the next meeting we should discuss variances for a huge refrigerator in front of Sears, a grandiose fish to don the top of Long John Silvers and while we’re at it, a bold, three-dimensional depiction of a human spine in front of all local chiropractic offices. The precedent has been set for such laughable advertisement. This additional signage is redundant and should have been voted down.

An “icon” at a busy intersection is a distraction to everyone; it’s foolish to claim this is only an issue to impaired drivers, as quoted in The Herald on Thursday. This completely goes against the town ordinance and safety of the community.

— Klint Heichelbech

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