'I would like to set the record straight': Mrs. Moss

I thank The Herald for this opportunity to respond to the article of March 2, “8th District Race Gets Personal for Moss, Bucshon,” written by Tom Langhorne of the Evansville Courier and Press reporting on an incident that allegedly accused my good husband, Dr. Richard Moss, of misdemeanor battery in our Jasper home 25 years ago. It has been a dark cloud hanging above our family all these years and I would now like to set the record straight.

Though we had a marital spat, at no time was there physical contact between us, and definitely no battery by Rick occurred then or at any time during our time together. The report mentions an affidavit filed with the Dubois County Superior Court on March 16, 1993, alleging that Moss “pulled her hair and shoved her down onto some broken glass.”

It is time to put this to rest. The truth is that there was broken glass on the floor because I threw a glass at Rick who was holding our then 1-year-old daughter in his arms and it fell and shattered on the floor. Rick could have himself called the police on me for domestic battery but did not. Rick never pushed me or touched me and never tried to shove me “down onto some broken glass.” Further, the affidavit was hand-written by the officer — not me. It was not my affidavit. It was his. You can see the affidavit. It is not my handwriting. I could not read or understand it as my English was limited at the time, but he told me to sign it and so I did, not realizing what I was signing. I was very upset. Though it was reported as a domestic disturbance, I feel my poor and broken English at the time, and the emotional distress I was suffering, miscommunicated what actually occurred to the investigating officers who struggled to understand what I meant to say. But Rick is innocent. Much of this was my fault.

Thankfully, the prosecuting attorney at the time recognized this misunderstanding and dismissed all charges against Rick.

It was only a misunderstanding between a husband and wife, 25 years ago.

I have been married 29 years to Rick who is now running for Congress in Indiana’s 8th District for the Republican Party. He has my most ardent support. Rick’s family, being his first constituency, stands behind him fully.

Rick and I first met in Thailand where we were married and where I assisted his surgeries as a nurse. We traveled throughout Southeast Asia on a motorcycle together for three years treating head and neck cancer victims that had little or no other access to healthcare. Our efforts were entirely voluntary. We received little or no compensation. Our work was highly acclaimed and decorated in my country, Thailand, as well as in Nepal, Bangladesh, India and Burma.

Upon our return to the U.S. we settled in Jasper and began our family and a private practice in medicine. We have been blessed with four children. Rick is a loving father and husband.

This is the real story of Rick and our family.

—Supit “Ying” Moss

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