I want my environmental study money back

To the editor:

To the Midstate Corridor Project, I want my environmental study money back.

To quote an article published in The Herald on 3/12/2020, "local governments and private donors contributed a total of $7 million for the corridor project’s ongoing environmental study."

I know I wasn't a private donor, but as a taxpayer I feel as though I have funded a portion of this $7 million against my will. I pay my taxes in good faith so that my local and state leaders can use my money for things to help my family, friends, and neighbors with things we all need to keep life in our small communities enjoyable like: great and safe public schools, nice roads (that already exist) to travel our beautiful countryside, new technology infrastructure to communicate with the outside world more effectively, and investing it in both the future and historical aspects of our community to protect the way of life that we all enjoy and are the real reasons for why we choose to live here.

I have not once heard anyone say, "I'm going to stay living in this town, because it has a four-lane highway" or "if only Evansville, Indianapolis, Louisville, and Owensboro were 15 minutes closer." I do hear many people say, "I wish they'd fix the roads, so my car stops falling a part" or "if I had a decent Internet connection I could work from home when I'm sick, if my kids are sick".

The list goes on, and on for a lot of common sense things that add to our local communities, even from an economic perspective, and don't require the forceful taking of personal property or go against what the majority of residents want. My personal property isn't being taken by this road, but I sure as heck don't want my taxpayer dollars being spent in an effort to take my friend's, neighbor's, or complete stranger's personal property away though either.

So, to the Midstate Corridor Project, I want my environmental study money back and I'll invest it on what I think matters most…my family, friends, and neighbors.

—Derrick Hochgesang
St. Henry

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