Huntingburg needs clean, safe water

To the editor:

Thanks for your positive response, Mayor Spinner. Everyone needs clean, safe water to live. Your words are reassuring, but seemed to leave open the possibility of accepting coal refinery waste at some point. I suspect it will be IDEM that you ultimately will rely upon to tell you it is safe. Yes, the agency that is in business to “permit” pollution.

What I personally have a problem with is the fact that such a request was even made. Surely, when asked, you had a gut feeling that this was not a good idea.

To even consider using a drinking water reservoir as a dump for runoff from, of all things, a coal refinery is just plain wrong. Just the handling of the millions of tons of coal alone, would send, at a minimum, trace amounts of mercury, arsenic, boron, sulfur and even radioactive materials to your lake. Even at trace amounts, they remain poison, certainly not something you would want in your drinking water.

Is perceived economic enrichment for a family-owned business from Connecticut worth any sort of permanent risk to your constituents?

And who knows what might be added by a non-competitive, under-capitalized operation that is 100% inexperienced in managing a huge but experimental plant such as this?

Valley Watch has experts that would love to consult with your experts regarding your questions of Riverview, but not answered. In the end, we should all be comfortable that the people of Huntingburg and the region are not negatively impacted in health or quality of life.

Your current water source is one of the best in Indiana from what I have heard. And it is reasonably reliable. Huntingburg does not need wastewater from a coal refinery tainting your beautiful drinking water lake.

We hope you share your questions and answers. Sadly, though, we worry that like their air permit, real answers are in short supply. 

—John Blair,
Valley Watch Inc. President

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