Huntingburg committed to water quality

To the editor:

The City of Huntingburg has a long history of providing our residents and industry with excellent water quality, which is of utmost importance and a point of pride to me, our utility board, and our water department employees. Our staff goes through extensive training and testing to work in the water department, and when a water main leaks or breaks, these employees are literally in the trenches making repairs to minimize service disruption to you. They are also operating the water filtration plant to ensure the water you receive is top quality.

Recently, I was approached by a representative of Riverview Energy regarding a potential project located in Dale, Indiana. I was asked that should the project be approved, would the City be interested in taking the water runoff at Huntingburg Lake. My answer was that we would be interested in further conversation to gather facts and data.

Our Water Superintendent submitted to the company an extensive list of questions, which have yet to be answered. That is the only communication between the City and Riverview that has taken place at this point.

As Mayor, it is my responsibility to be informed about all potential developments that could affect our community. The quality of our water remains the number one priority, and any proposal that would negatively affect that will not be considered. My sworn duty is to gather information of any potential development that impacts Huntingburg, which is what I have done. Any proposal brought before the Utility Board will receive the due diligence and public input that has been standard procedure for this administration. Water quality will never be compromised for the citizens who drink our water every day, nor for the industries that use this resource to provide jobs and economic strength for our City.

I am extremely proud of this community, and the quality of our utilities remains my priority.

—Dennis W. Spinner
Mayor of Huntingburg

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