Huntingburg appointees eager to serve city


HUNTINGBURG — Every year, Huntingburg citizens step up and volunteer their time to serve on different government boards.

By agreeing to be appointed by the common council or mayor, they agree to sacrifice some of their time and use their talents to make decisions for the good of the community.

Here are some of the new faces appointed to Huntingburg boards, sharing why they made the choice to serve their city.


Primativo Nino, Huntingburg Board of Zoning Appeals

Primativo Nino makes it a point to be involved in the community.

“Using the abilities and gifts I have to help other people has always been my goal,” he said.

Along with the mayor appointing him to the zoning board this year, Nino has been appointed to a second term on the Huntingburg Planning Commission by the Dubois County Commissioners.

“I’m pleased and honored to be part of making decisions for some of the things in town,” he said.

Nino has lived in Huntigburg since 1993 and has worked at Wabash Valley Produce for the last 14 years. He’s also helped the city as a Spanish translator.

He and his wife, Judy, live in Huntingburg with their two children.

He looks forward to continuing his service for the public good.

“I’ve always been willing to help others,” he said. “Being part of the planning commission, and now the board of zoning appeals, is part of helping others and making decisions that help others.”


Rachel Steckler, Huntingburg Planning Commission

As Huntingburg’s director of community development, Rachel Steckler was a natural fit for the planning commission.

“A lot of my job is planning for the city,” she said. “This allows me to have a more official capacity to make recommendations.”

Getting involved and helping move the city forward is something she’s passionate, she said.

Steckler is also a member of Dubois County Tourism, having been appointed four months ago.

“With the events growing in our community, I’m excited about being a part of these boards,” she said.

A native of Bloomington, Stecker moved to Huntingburg with her husband, Ben, in 2007. They now have four children. She has a degree in public relations from Indiana State University, and her position with the city was created when she joined in 2013.

“Bloomington is a very interactive community, lots of places for involvement,” she said. “I wanted the same thing here, in my new hometown.”


Nick Stevens, Huntingburg Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals and Revolving Loan Fund Committee

At Nick Stevens’ first planning commission meeting, he got two new jobs.

“Well, I’m now the president of the planning commission. Nothing like going to your first meeting and getting voted in,” he said with a laugh. “And then, I found out that typically the president is on the board of zoning appeals. So I’m doing that, too.”

He was also appointed to the Huntingburg Revolving Loan Fund Committee. But that’s OK with him. He welcomes new responsibilities.

“I like working in local government,” he said.

Up until the end of last year, Stevens had been president of the Huntingburg Redevelopment Commission. He was appointed to that board in 2014, and served as president for the last four years.

Stevens, a native of Gas City, works in commercial financing at Old National Bank. He has a general studies degree from Indiana University-Kokomo with a minor in history, political science and business.

He came to Huntingburg in 2009 when he became director of the Huntingburg Chamber of Commerce. He left that position in 2015, but stayed involved with the chamber as a board member until it recently merged to become part of the Dubois County Chamber of Commerce.

He is involved in many other organizations, some of which are Dubois Strong, Dubois County Community Foundation’s IMPACT fund board, 100 Men Who Cook, Dubois County Leadership Academy, DC Multisport, Vincennes University Jasper Foundation and Rotary Club of Jasper.

“I love helping businesses, and helping the community,” he said. “I’ve always been interested in ordinances and zoning-type of activities.”

He’s looking forword to working with other officials as the city reviews and updates its development ordinances. “That excites me,” he said. “I know it may not be for everybody. But I am enthused about it. I’m looking forward to working with my othr commissioners and the community.”

Stevens lives in Huntingburg with his wife, Amy, and 3-year-old daughter.


Keith “Curly” Souders, Huntingburg Board of Public Works and Safety

Curly Souders is glad to be a member of the public works board again.

“I’m happy to do it,” he said. “I’m familiar with most of the department heads. Through the construction work I’ve done before, I’m familiar with the equipment departments use. It was an easy decision to say yes.”

He used to be a member, but had to leave the board about three years ago because he was working out of state. That kept him from attending the Thursday morning meetings.

Souders retired from United Minerals in 2017, where he was responsible for purchasing, equipment acquisitions, machine availability and equipment budgeting.

He has also served as president of the Indiana Mining and Technical Society, as president and board member of the Huntingburg Country Club, and as a member of the YMI. He pursued a city council seat last year, but didn’t win.

When Mayor Denny Spinner asked him to rejoin the public works board, Souders gladly accepted.

“I can work with the department heads more, now that I’m retired. And I’ve always had the city’s best interest in mind,” he said. “I didn’t win the council position, so at least I can stay in touch and help people this way. If I can help, I’m glad to do it.”

Other people appointed or reappointed, either by the mayor or the city council this year are:

• Huntingburg Board of Public Works and Safety: Former Councilman Kerry Blessinger

• Huntingburg Board of Zoning Appeals: Ronald Mundy, David Schipp and Mike Fulkerson

•Huntingburg Housing Authority: Barbara Jones and Councilman Jose Dubon

• Huntingburg Park Board: Dustin Schmett

• Huntingburg Planning Commission: Matt Julian, Councilman Glen Kissling and Josh Morrison

• Huntingburg Redevelopment Commission: Joe Bartelt, Helen Camacho, Angelica Cruz, Robert Bayer and Jayme Rasche

• Huntingburg Revolving Loan Fund Committee: Kevin Buechler, John Mundy, Steve Ripstra and Ken Schnaus

• Huntingburg Tree Committee: Tyson Bredmeier and Marie Seibert

• Huntingburg Utility Rate Advisory Board: Sandra Bowman and Greg Painter

• Dubois County Airport Authority: Brian Crane and Courtney Schwartz

• Dubois County Museum Board: Terry Flick

• Indiana 15 Regional Planning Commission: Park Director Larry Altstadt

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