Human greed, cruelty and gluttony has lead us to 2020

To the editor:

Human greed, cruelty and gluttony leads to the kind of quality of life reducing events we see here in 2020 with this coronavirus outbreak. People then react to the outbreak with more cruelty by dumping their pets out on a back road or shelter because they wrongly think that their cat or dog is going to give them the virus.

Your cat and dog is not going to give you coronavirus, so stop being stupid and cruel to animals. Humans just have to have it all at any price in pain and suffering inflicted on helpless animals, and so things like bat soup and koalas, bears, and cats and dogs and endangered animals are on the menu. Then cruel people in America decide to abandon their cats and dogs.

Criminal charges should be filed against those in positions of responsibility that are telling people not wear a mask in public. The truth is the government and the for-profit medical system did not have a stockpile of medical equipment big enough to deal with a pandemic, so instead of admitting they failed to have enough masks, they say don't wear a mask, it doesn't work anyway, and only nurses and doctors should wear them because if you are a nurse, somehow the masks magically starts to work. And now the idiotic attorney generals are cracking down on online platforms to ban sellers selling masks so i guess those who want them cannot get them at any price.

Gas stations are operating like nothing is going on, with no one wearing masks. They already sell junk that gives people lung cancer, so why not be a handy place to get some coronavirus to?

—Shane Zoglman

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