Huebner to play for Lions

DUBOIS — Bryce Huebner scored 1,003 points in his basketball career at Northeast Dubois, and the graduating senior was on the originating end of plenty of assists, too.


He happily accepted an assist in his effort to land with a college basketball program.

It came from Kyle Haas, the brother of Huebner’s hoops teammate Tyler Haas. Kyle plays tennis at the College of Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati, and after making a visit home this year, Haas took a compilation of Huebner’s game footage and a copy of his stats back to campus. Haas delivered them to the basketball coaching staff. And just like that, the connection between Huebner and Mount St. Joseph was forged; the Jeep senior signed last week to continue his hoops career at the Division III program.

“After (coach Toby Carrigan) saw what my videos looked like and what my stats (were), he started conatacting me, and it just sort of fell into place there,” Huebner said.

Even as Huebner was wrapping up a career in which he finished as the school’s all-time leader in 3-pointers (179) and 3-point percentage, Jeep coach Terry Friedman lamented that college programs overlooked someone of Huebner’s 5-foot-9 stature. If Huebner was going to find a college at which to play, he realized he had to be proactive.

“Most guards in the college level are 6-2 or bigger sometimes, and to me, it seems like if you weren’t averaging more than 20 points a game at my height, coaches weren’t going to be hot on your tail to get you to come to school there,” Huebner said. “It just fell into place (with Mount St. Joseph), because these guys liked what they saw.”

Huebner, who helped the Jeeps capture sectional titles as a freshman and senior, plans to study sports management at Mount St. Joseph. And when it came to the tendencies of the Lion basketball team, Huebner instantly knew he liked its style.

“They like to shoot the 3, and that is exactly what I like to do,” said Huebner, the son of Allan and Linda Huebner of Jasper. “They like to play an uptempo game, and I feel like I can fit right into it.”

Huebner expressed similar comfort with his future setup in general — studying at a small-school atmosphere surrounded by a big-city vibe.

“I’ve looked at Cincinnati as a second home to me, because I’m familiar with the town and plus I have a couple relatives that live over there, so it’ll be just like living at home,” he said.

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