How to build a highway without disrupting local life

To the editor:

I read with interest the article a few days ago concerning the Mid-States Corridor. It would appear to me that local landowners from Spencer to Martin counties are going to be less than thrilled with any plan they might have, except abandoning the entire idea.

I claim to be no expert in planning but I have an idea of how to build a highway that might make everyone happy and create a transportation link for the 21st Century. My plan would require no purchase of land except for 60 acres at seven locations.

Their entire roadway would be buried in two tunnels. Exits would be built near the Ohio River bridge in Rockport, at the State Road exit near Santa Claus, at I-64 in Dale, near State Road 64 in Huntingburg, near State Road 56 in Jasper, near US-50 in Loogootee and at I-69 in Crane.

A 60-acre mesa would be built over the top of each and the existing east/west roads might be widened but would be at the same level and location.

The speed limit could reach 80 mph on the throughway part. There would be no weather worries and no deer to hit. Farming operations would not be split on either side of a roadway. Fields, fences and buildings would need no alteration. Views would not be spoiled. An overhead electrical contact rail could be added if the future brings us electric vehicles.

—Karl Vinsek

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